Guild Wars 2 tweaks the Soo-Won fight again and nerfs multiple classes in PvP

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ArenaNet has been tweaking the Soo-Won fight in Guild Wars 2 since it was first introduced. This month, they nerfed two classes to balance them out and make PvP more competitive again.

The “gw2 eod meta” is a change that has been made to the game Guild Wars 2. The changes nerf multiple classes in PvP, and make it so the Soo-Won fight is not as difficult.


The patch notes for Guild Wars 2 this week turned out to include a lot more than you would have expected. ArenaNet has introduced the Xunlai Jade Junkyard strike mission difficulty mode and enhanced the fishing experience with a skiff health meter and higher fish drop rates, in addition to a large list of bug updates — including yet another round of attempted repairs for the Soo-Won battle.

However, the emphasis of community discussion in competitive PvP content is on changes to certain classes. The studio is notable for having:

  • nerfed Necromancer’s Rise, Death Nova, Unholy Feast, Well of Suffering, and Well of Corruption to “reduce some of the key sources of ranged area-of-effect damage to allow for greater melee pushes”;
  • Coalescence of Ruin, Phase Smash, Tree Song, Battle Dance, and Saint’s Shield were nerfed, while the Vindicator’s defensive abilities were boosted.
  • Meteor Shower, Firestorm, and Fiery Eruption have been nerfed for Elementalists;
  • The Guardian’s Symbol of Punishment and Sword of Justice have been nerfed;
  • Multiple Mechanist defense talents have been nerfed;
  • Tail Swipe of the Untamed was nerfed;
  • The Specter’s shadow force gain has been nerfed;
  • Rune of the Trapper’s stealth duration has been nerfed.

But keep in mind that these modifications are limited to PvP, so most people won’t notice.


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The “guild wars 2 soo-won” is a change that was made to the Soo-Won fight in Guild Wars 2. The changes nerf multiple classes in PvP, but will make it easier for new players to learn how to play.

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