Guide To Siege And Craft Siege Golem Stone

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One of the most popular and enjoyable online games to play is a sandbox game known as “Siege.” This guide will show you how to mine, build and craft siege golem stones in order for your team to gain an advantage.
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Published on the 24th of May, 2022, and updated on the 24th of May, 2022.

With new games coming out all the time, it’s difficult to stand out in any genre. V Rising has done an excellent job of standing out from the pack. It’s a must-play because of its unique gameplay and fascinating plot, which includes a slew of bosses, crafting materials, and character traits.

There are also Player versus Player (PvP) and Player vs Environment (PvE) modes in addition to the standard plot advancement.

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In PvP, this allows players to raid and pillage other players. The following instructions will walk you through sieging in V Rising’s PvP mode. It’s a little tricky at first, but after you get the hang of it, you’ll be fine.  

v-rising-20v rising 20

How to Siege in PvP Mode and Use Stone Golem in V Rising

For starters, the concept of raiding has long been present in survival games. Two of the most recent examples are Elden Ring and Minecraft. As a result, V Rising has included this functionality in their game.

As a result, after you’ve finished invading a castle/base, you may use a variety of weaponry and explosives to completely destroy it. Most of the same items may be found in V Rising as well. 

To raid a wooden foundation, follow these steps: 

  • Planks (6), Whetstone (3), and Sulphur (3) in the Minor Explosive Box (6)
  • Reinforced Planks (6), Sulphur (9), and Gem Dust (Major Explosive Box) (30)

These boxes may be made at the game’s Alchemy Table. Furthermore, Major Explosive Boxes may also be used to destroy stone barriers, however this takes longer. 

v-rising-pvp-optionsv rising pvp options

When it comes to fighting stone castles, which are more durable, you’ll require more difficult-to-come-by equipment. The main method is as follows: 

The Golem Stone will assist you in becoming a Siege. As a result, tremendous quantities of Siege damage are dealt, such as: 

  • Earth Shatter causes a 200 percent increase in Siege damage.
  • Stomping causes a 300 percent increase in Siege damage.

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However, because of their importance, obtaining them is difficult. After defeating Terah the Geomancer at level 48, players may manufacture the Siege Golem Stone. As a result, players will encounter this area quite late in the game. However, there is still work to be done when the Siege Golem Stone is activated.

Because a Siege Golem Stone has been summoned, the whole PvP server will be aware of it. As a result, gamers will arrive to attack you and steal the Golem Stone.

After becoming a Siege, you will have five minutes before reverting to a vampire. Also, make sure you’re in good health, since the Siege Golem Stone mirrors your original health. It should only take five minutes to destroy the castle, but keep an eye on the timer as it begins ticking down.

As a vampire, you can loot everything inside the castle once you’ve finished your job. By pressing ‘Leave Form,’ you may exit the Siege form early. The Siege Golem Stone is a fantastic tool for taking down large monsters. So, keep this guide close at hand and show the employers who the greatest vampire is. 

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