Guide To Eliminate Friedrich Kummler

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Friedrich Kummler is a fictional character in the American comedy film Super Troopers
who has been built up as an enemy of the film’s main characters. The scenes where he appears are some of the funniest and most quotable parts of the movie, making him one of Hollywood’s greatest punks. In this article, we’ll explore how to eliminate Friedrich Kummler from your life using methods such as time travel or wishing on a starfish.

The “sniper elite 5 mission 2 kill challenge bug” is a problem that has been present for a while. The problem was fixed in the latest patch, but there are still some who have not updated their game. This guide to eliminate Friedrich Kummler will help you fix the issue.

29 May 2022 | Last Updated: 29 May 2022

Sniper Elite 5 is jam-packed with unique and hard missions. It contains fascinating gameplay, powerful weaponry, and end-to-end combat, building on the popularity of the previous version.

In Mission One, players must locate a crowbar before proceeding to the next level. In Mission Two, named ‘Occupied Residence,’ you must eliminate a Nazi target in order to assist Operation Kraken succeed.

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In addition, you’ll get a cool new weapon to utilize in future missions and goals. This section of Occupied Residence comes under the ‘Kill Challenge’ category, which adds additional benefits to the initial awards.

The following instruction will show you how to go to Abelard Moller’s residence, where you must defeat Friedrich Kummler.

Sniper-Elite-5-Friedrich-KummlerSniper Elite 5 - Friedrich Kummler Friedrich Kummler, Sniper Elite 5

How to Defeat Friedrich Kummler in Sniper Elite 5

Friedrich Kummler’s demise, as the alleged leader of Operation Kraken, is a crucial turning point in the game, as it would slow down the Nazi invasion.

Kummler will be found inside the opulently constructed mansion, but do not pursue him right away. In the structure, there is a workbench in the basement.

The only route into the basement is via the moat, and despite the fact that the home has many entrances, getting through the cellar is the greatest choice due to its general lack of protection. 

After passing via the basement, go to the ballroom on the second floor, where Friedrich Kummler will be present. 

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During the assignment, players will have many possibilities for eliminating Friedrick Kummler in the ballroom. The following are some options for achieving your goal: 

Sniper-Elite-5-Mission-2Mission 2 of Sniper Elite 5 Mission 2 of Sniper Elite 5

  • Friedrich Kummler is conversing with a soldier in the center of the ballroom on the second level.
  • Once you’ve arrived, look for a switch on the second level that will cause the chandelier to fall on Friedrich Kummler, thereby eliminating him and completing the objective. 
  • Use a bottle to attract Friedrich Kummler’s attention if you don’t want to go to the second level.
  • Shoot out the winch as he travels to the area where the chandelier is immediately above him, and it will fall on your target. 
  • For gamers that like getting up up and personal with their foes, you may use C to knock Friedrich Kummler out and drag his limp corpse to the center of the ballroom.
  • Then just repeat the procedure for removing the chandelier’s winch. 

As a result, these are all of the methods to remove Friedrich Kummler in order to complete the Kill Challenge of Mission Two, Occupied Residence.

A Karabiner 98 rifle will be given to gamers in addition to the standard awards. As a result, completing this goal successfully will be beneficial in the short and long term. 

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