Gran Turismo 7 Review – A Legacy of Love on Display

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There have been GT games before, but with the release of Gran Turismo 7 for PS4 and PC on November 17th, Polyphony Digital (the company behind it) has brought a whole new level to this long-standing racing franchise. There’s more detail here than ever before seen in any game that puts you right at the heart of some truly stunning moments as your car takes center stage while you take on others around the world.

“When is gran turismo 7 coming out?” This question has been asked for years now. Gran Turismo 7 was released on November 18, 2017. This game is a beautiful reminder of what the series once was and what it could be again. Read more in detail here: when is gran turismo 7 coming out.

If you exclude Gran Turismo Sport, it’s been nine years since the last “genuine” GT game that followed the format that Polyphony has followed since 1997. Sport wasn’t a horrible game; it merely broke from a template that fans of the series had come to adore over the course of two decades. In any case, the wait is over, and GT7 has here. I’ve been playing Gran Turismo 7 for the last week, and it’s now time for my review.

Review of Gran Turismo 7

For those who haven’t been following the pre-release news, I’d like to point out a few of “back of the box” elements before I go into my opinions. The PS5 version will, for starters, make use of the DualSense controller, which has haptic feedback and adjustable triggers. Furthermore, Gran Turismo 7 on PlayStation 5 supports 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. At debut, GT7 comes with approximately 420 vehicles, 90 track courses, 34 locales, and a new Mode of Operation. So, although this isn’t nearly the content behemoth that GT5 or GT6 became, there’s still a lot here at launch.

What I Enjoy

Gran-Turismo%C2%AE-7_20220226155013-1024x576Gran Turismo 7 Mode of Operation

Mode of Operation

The all-new Mode of Operation found in Gran Turismo 7 is a lengthy journey where you will interact with multiple characters while racing multiple tracks and cars, and unlocking multiple vehicles and rewards along the way. Although the journey was long (yes, I finished it during the review), there is no denying the amazing experience that awaits those who are looking to take the ride. For me, it was addictive, informative, exciting, and fulfilling. Plus, it was everything I was hoping it would be and more.

As I progressed through the Mode of Operation, the game did an exceptional job of walking me through the steps of how to progress, how to modify my vehicle, and taught me the history of each vehicle and manufacturer.

Gran-Turismo%C2%AE-7_20220227121350-1024x576GT7 review

Initially, in typical GT fashion, I started out in lower powered cars and raced against simpler opponents on easier tracks with approachable layouts. While this may seem boring or mundane to some, the way it was handled seemed perfect for me. It also put the emphasis on the fact that Mode of Operation truly was a expedition that allowed me to gain confidence and understanding of how everything worked.

Nothing in GT7 is meant to feel rushed. It is a process, and the way it is handled works in a harmonic way that allowed me to enjoy the path taken while appreciating the time and effort it took to create this mode. The Mode of Operation is also where the world map is introduced, and while most of it is locked away at first, this is the epicenter of the game that many will spend their time navigating.

Being careful not to disclose too much for those who are eagerly awaiting a chance to play GT7, just know the Mode of Operation took me for a ride that excited and frustrated me while ultimately delivering a spectacular experience.

Race Physics on the Track


A racing game may be rich and visually attractive, but if it fails to convey realism, competition, and fairness on the track, it will be forgotten in months, if not weeks. Fans looking forward to GT7 may rest easy, knowing that the driving and racing model in store for them is excellent.

As I previously said, Gran Turismo has over 420 automobiles, and although I did not get to drive all of them during my time with the game, I did drive close to 100 of them. With that in mind, I can confidently state that each car felt distinct and distinct. The more I drove, the more I realized that GT7 needed me to operate each automobile in the manner in which it was designed.

Gran-Turismo%C2%AE-7_20220228193010-1024x576Review of Gran Turismo 7

It’s a basic notion, but it only makes sense after you realize that a vehicle isn’t operated by the steering wheel, but by the accelerator and brake systems. Furthermore, having a thorough awareness of both the track and the weather that surrounds it is critical. When it comes to achieving success on the track, there are a lot of variables to consider, and Gran Turismo 7 requires that you consider them all if you want to finish on the podium.

Never before has a console racing game taken the concept of subtlety to such an extreme. In every race, I had to stay concentrated on feathering the gas and brake pedals, rolling through corners, and hitting those bends with just enough speed to maintain momentum — but not so much that I rolled out of the groove. While this may seem daunting at first, it is done in a method in-game that guides you through the process and allows you to develop organically so you can grasp how to race each vehicle on each circuit.


The creators accomplished this by including a physics system that enables you to experience how the vehicle reacts to the ground, how your tires respond to the pavement, and the inertia of driving too deep into a corner. Once you’ve put everything together, maneuvering your way around the track and through traffic will become second nature. Understanding how to maintain momentum while rolling through turns and gently gliding by an opponent on the outside groove will become second nature.

However, I believe you should take one step to reach to this point. In the settings, I would suggest turning off the braking assistance since they would distort your progress and make it difficult to travel around the course in a competitive race.

Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Competitors

Gran-Turismo%C2%AE-7_20220222201626-scaledGran Turismo 7 AI

The AI in GT7 was hailed as a game-changing, if not genre-defining, advancement. While I wouldn’t go so far as to laud the AI, I can confidently claim that it is significantly more competitive on higher difficulty levels than in previous iterations of the Gran Turismo series. Although I still don’t consider the AI racers to be elite opponents, the AI in GT7 now makes a concerted effort to thwart efforts to overtake, keep, or regain position, and will often go out of its way to provide you with very little room to maneuver around them.

The amount of impartiality struck me as, well, pretty fair. Rarely has a digital rival come down hard on me or attempted to take me down with a dubious strategy. In fact, they appeared to go out of their way to race immaculately, to the point that we could all stay friends after the racing suits were off.

In terms of competitiveness, however, not everything works. Even on the toughest setting, I often found myself smashing the other vehicles in races, or at the very least battling just one or two for the victory. I also had issues with how the AI raced against one other, and I’ll go into more detail about that in a later part. The final line is that Polyphony’s competitive offline racing system works well for the most part, although there is still space for development in a few areas.

History And Collection Of Automobiles


GT7 is a game that simulates driving. That has always been the case, and the creators have gone to great lengths to emphasize it. These people are passionate about automobiles, and it shows in a variety of ways that distinguishes the franchise in this aspect. The series might also be described as a vehicle collector’s fantasy. The primary concept of GT7 is similar to that of prior games in that the goal is to race, acquire vehicles for your garage, and then wash, rinse, and repeat.

The short mini video analysis of each and every vehicle or car collection that you earn over your time with GT7 is one of the incredibly fascinating peripheral elements here. Because he is the hub of this knowledge and information, you will get quite acquainted with an in-game personality dubbed “Luca.”

I’m not usually a fan of developers devoting time and money to projects like this, but I make an exception for GT7 because of the way the data is handled and supplied. You return to the Café on the globe map after finishing a series of races or winning a championship. Luca congratulates you, distributes your prize(s), and, depending on the sort of race or reward you got, a brief history lesson with a short film of the car’s or manufacturer’s history follows.


It’s done in such a quick and efficient manner that I never felt compelled to rush through it, and I often found myself quite enjoying the facts and accompanying presentation. Is this something that people will talk about, or will it be a game that people will buy? No, but it’s little gestures like this that distinguish Gran Turismo 7 as more than just another video game.

Pop Art Graphics

Because of the previews, I was not expecting to see a universe that was aesthetically stunning and rich in detail. That isn’t to say that the beauty on exhibit here hasn’t left an impression on me. There are games that create a world full of beautiful sights, but then there’s Gran Turismo, which offers photo-realistic graphics that border on the unreal at times.

Gran-Turismo%C2%AE-7_20220226144451-1024x576Gran Turismo 7 4K

What sets GT7 apart from most other games in terms of visuals is that the visual splendor is there throughout the game. It’s everything surreal, from the beautifully replicated automobiles to the many places and their environs, to the weather. What’s most astounding, apart from the automobiles and locales, are the minutiae uncovered in the world’s minutia. Many other games can’t touch little details like how the trees blow in the wind or how the rain beads up and slides down the glass.

Furthermore, the track-side elements remain alive and well, brimming with race-day enthusiasm. The stands are packed with fans, and although they are often immobile, there is movement and enthusiasm as the race approaches its climax. Polyphony has constructed (or recreated) a living universe in which we may drive and play. Even though I had become used to it after so many hours behind the wheel, the minute features would still attract my attention even at 250 mph down a straightaway.

What I Don’t Care For

Gran-Turismo%C2%AE-7_20220228194147-1024x576Review of Gran Turismo 7

AI Competence vs. AI Competence

Gran Turismo 7’s new AI system, as much as I like it, was far from ideal. One of my main worries with any racing game is how successfully the AI drivers compete against one another without my input, and are they prone to making errors without my input?

In GT7, as competent as the AI was against me, I seldom witnessed anything aggressive while they were vying for position. The AI opponents would attempt to gain position by taking advantage of the draft of the vehicle ahead of them, although they nearly always did it in a fairly casual manner. In effect, it seemed as though the AI drivers were swapping little bump apologies and insurance information.


Another difficulty is the AI’s inability to make errors. The worst I saw were AI opponents that were barely out of the groove or wiggled due to over-steer or under-steer. Overall, the new AI system is a step further than prior efforts at competitive AI, but there is definitely room for development.

Damage Calculator

While this isn’t surprising for longtime veterans of the series, the story sort of remains the same here. While the car models look stunning, the Damage Calculator is lacking — and that’s being kind. I specifically tested this out with full damage on and rammed other vehicles in excess of 150 mph. While my vehicle’s handling was impacted after these collisions, the visible damage was displayed in simple scratches, paint scuffs, and particles.


Even at its worst, the Damage Calculator creates a minimal crumpled-like look at the point of impact. But using the word minimum here is probably still being too generous. I know the history, and I understand the developer’s approach, but it doesn’t mean I have to appreciate it. For a game that is as aesthetically beautiful as Gran Turismo 7, it is a stinging disappointment to see such a lack of real car damage after scenarios where the collision should be catastrophic to both the car’s handling and its exterior appearance.



Racing fans have waited a long time for the arrival of Gran Turismo 7, and I believe the wait was worth it. No matter what aspect of racing you hold dearest to your heart, GT7 has you covered. From stunning environments and car models to a great Mode of Operation, Polyphony has delivered a title that caters to true car lovers. Some will define GT7 as a racing game, and some will refer to it as driving simulator, but for me, GT7 is simply an experience I don’t think can be matched anytime soon on consoles.


Gran Turismo 7 Review – A Legacy of Love on Display, is a game that is set to be one of the best Gran Turismo games in years. The game features a variety of new cars and tracks that are sure to satisfy any enthusiast. Reference: gran turismo 7 drifting.

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