Grab a Mobile Royale welcome pack from IGG and MassivelyOP

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With the release of Mobile Royale, IGG gets players to try their new mobile game for free and get a chance at winning huge prizes.

The “mobile royale gift codes” is a gift pack that includes 3,000 gold for the mobile game “Mobile Royale”. The code can be redeemed in-game.


For our readers, IGG offers a new package of Mobile Royale goodies! On iOS and Android, you may “construct your city, trade with other clans throughout the country, train a variety of warriors to establish your very own army, join a guild, make alliances, and fight in exciting conflicts” in this mobile multiplayer 3-D strategy MMO.

Each bundle contains 10 Valenia Soulstones, 10 Miss Meow Shards, 10 100 VIP Points, 10 1,000 Stamina, 10 Crystal Bag, 100 Uncommon EXP Potion, 100 Research Speed Up (60m), 100 Heal Boost (60m), 100 Trade Boost (60m), 100 Forge Boost (60m), 100 30,000 Food, 100 50,000 Wood, 100 40,000 Stone, and 100 15,000 Gold, valued at $150 total.

To get one of these keys, click the Mo button below (and show you’re not a robot).

get your key

There are just 2996 keys remaining!

Here’s how to put your code to use: On iOS, go to the gift redemption center in the game’s “latest news” area and input your code as directed. Go to settings, then gift redemption, then input your code for non-iOS devices. Gifts will be sent to you through your account mail on all devices. Keys should work for all players, old and new, in all regions; however, each user/IGG ID may only use one key. The keys are valid from now until June 30th, 2022.

If there’s no captcha or Mo button and all it says is “No keys left!” then it’s a standard giveaway. We’re out of keys if you write “Sorry” in huge letters. We’ll post a notice on social media if we acquire another batch from the studio. Do you have issues with the captcha not working? Try using a different browser or clearing your cache. Finally, keep your code safe! We won’t be able to get it back for you if you lose it after we’ve handed out all of our keys.

Good luck and have a good time!


The “star trek online giveaways” is a giveaway that MassivelyOP and IGG have put together. The pack includes the game, an exclusive character, and other items.

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