Fractured Online opens its beta up to all comers over Memorial Day weekend

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Fractured Online is an upcoming MMORPG title that aims to be a cross between World of Warcraft and EVE. The game will launch later this year with a beta over Memorial Day weekend, but if you can’t wait until its official release, the company offers early access via Steam keys.

Fractured Online is a free-to-play online game that has been in closed beta for the last few months. The game opens its beta to all comers over Memorial Day weekend. Read more in detail here: fractured online beta.


If you’ve been keeping an eye on Fractured as it progresses through beta but didn’t want to pay for it only to test it, you’ll have the opportunity to do so for free beginning next week. Dynamight Studios and Gamigo are hosting a complimentary week from May 25th through May 31st, including Memorial Day weekend and beyond. As an added benefit, your progress will be saved for the duration of the beta, albeit you’ll need to purchase a founder’s pack to continue.

“Explore Aerhen, a huge continent dominated by humans, during your free week by taking on various and deadly biomes that will test your survival instincts.” The mountains are home to hazardous ice elementals, and the freezing temperatures will give you cold feet. The fiery elementals who dwell these basalt plains will not hesitate to sear their fearsomeness into your mind when the hot and toxic volcano cranks up the heat. The steppe is home to tremendous downpours, and the storm elementals are likely to startle you! The tundra will provide you with a unique challenge, not because of the cold or severe weather, but because it is home to various fearsome adversaries, such as the towering Jotunns.”

Do keep in mind that there will be at least one in-game event for beta testers during this complimentary time, starting on the first day at 3 p.m. EDT, when Gamigo will be broadcasting as the Ebony Compass is sent to siege one of the game’s newest villages while you race to its defense.


The “embers adrift review” is a game that will be in beta this weekend. It’s set to release on August 29th, 2018.

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