Fractured details equipment balance and progression systems coming to its September alpha test

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As promised, we’re making good on our promise to release the first alpha build of Fractured’s Pirate’s Life expansion on September 4th. We’ve been busy putting together a lot of finishing touches on the new items and maps and with the help of our awesome test-testers we think we’ve gotten most of the issues sorted out and we’re ready for you to give it a spin!

Fractured is the first game to make use of the CryEngine® 4, the latest version of the CryEngine® game development toolset. Crytek® has worked hard to ensure that the game engine is highly flexible and powerful, while still maintaining the Crytek® trademark at the same time. The CryEngine® 4 uses the CryStandard® pipeline, which means that the game engine has the same standard of graphical performance and rendering fidelity across all platforms. The CryEngine® 4 will not only allow players to experience high quality graphics on the PC, but will also allow Crytek® to leverage its Crytek® development branding to create games across a wide range of platforms, from consoles to mobile devices. In addition, the CryEngine® 4

The Fractured devs have been working for a long time on its gear and progression systems, and they’re now starting to show their faces in the closed beta. The system is still in alpha, meaning that it’s still subject to change, and there’s no guarantee that the final version will be the same as the current one. However, we’ve recently had a little chat with the lead programmer, and we managed to squeeze out a few details about the race – and gear – progression system.


Fractured is headed for its next round of alpha testing this fall — sometime in late September, exact date TBD — and the developers at Dynamight Studios are hoping to cover all of the new features in the latest build with a series of videos, the first of which focused on equipment balance changes and new progression systems.

To begin, the game’s armor will be reworked for mage characters; light armor options will now include a new assassin’s armor for rogue-minded characters, leather gear will now be classified as medium armor, and the scholar’s clothing will be reworked. Weapons will now take into account some attributes when multiplying damage, such as strength multipliers for axes and perception multipliers for bows. Weapons may have up to three native characteristics at the same time, each of which adds extra modifiers such as enhanced critical strike probability or spell channeling (which should be familiar to fans of Ultima Online). These improvements are intended to increase hybrid build feasibility and build variety.

Finally, the video shows how imbuing, a new equipment progression mechanism that will replace equipment enchantment, would work. In a nutshell, this system would enable gems to be infused with particular inherent characteristics when they acquire certain reagents, and then slotted into equipment through a socketing crafting bench, with more traits becoming available for higher grade gems. After the break, there’s a video with more thorough explanations.


In a few days, the Fractured team will be taking their Alpha test to a new level with a new stage of testing. After the initial version of the game that was presented at PAX East earlier this year, this will be the first “generally playable” build of the game. While still very much in development, this build will be the first to feature the game’s progression system.. Read more about fractured mmo review and let us know what you think.

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