FFXIV PVP: Crystalline Conflict Overview

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The Crystalline Conflict is the latest update for Final Fantasy XIV Online. It features a new series of quests, two PvP-centric maps and an all-new battle system.
This guide has everything you need to know about this expansion’s content, from what to expect in each patch and how it changes gameplay.
Fantasy MMOs are evolving almost daily as players grow accustomed to more active engagement with their games than ever before. With high graphical fidelity becoming the standard baseline for most online titles these days, it makes sense that developers would be looking towards new ways of integrating multiplayer modes into games previously focused on single player adventures or narrative storylines….

The “ffxiv crystal conflict” is a battle between the players and the monsters that can be found in the game. This article will give you an overview of what to expect from this battle.

Final Fantasy XIV was never intended to be a PVP-centric MMORPG. It still isn’t, but the release of patch 6.1, Newfound Adventure, has caused quite a stir in the community. Crystalline Conflict, FFXIV’s PVP mode, has given a makeover and is attracting record numbers of players.

Maybe you’ve overheard other players gushing about how much fun PVP is, or the advertising materials aroused your attention. We’re here to tell you all you need to know about Final Fantasy XIV’s current PVP frenzy, whatever your motives are.

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Final Fantasy XIV: How to Unlock PVP

FINAL-FANTASY-XIV-Online_20220512174313-1024x576 Final Fantasy XIV: How to Unlock PVP The Wolves’ Den is where all the cool kids hang out. | Image: Square Enix via HGG / Joni Crawford

Before you may participate in a Crystalline Conflict match, you must first enable PVP. Complete your Grand Company’s version of the quest “A Pup No Longer,” which becomes accessible at Level 30. Take the boat from Lower La Noscea’s Moraby Drydocks. You’ll arrive in the Wolves’ Den, Final Fantasy XIV’s PVP hub location, after a brief boat voyage. Speak with the NPCs on the pier to gain a sense of the area and learn about the many aspects of PVP.

Take note of the stunning dummies and the big platform at the pier’s western end! These dummies will allow you to practice your Actions in PVP, which are distinct from your normal job actions, and the platform will serve as a dueling arena where you may practice battling against other players.

FINAL-FANTASY-XIV-Online_20220512174523-1024x576 The platform Anyone up for a one-on-one match with me? Square Enix courtesy of HGG / Joni Crawford

On top of the ship, there are also several eye-catching dummies. Simply enter the ship’s belly where the merchants are housed, hang a left, and climb the steps to the upper deck.

Actions in PVP You Should Know

FINAL-FANTASY-XIV-Online_20220512181027-1024x628 Actions in PVP You Should Know | Image: Square Enix via HGG / Joni Crawford | A sneak peek at some of Warrior’s PVP moves.

All occupations have their own set of Actions in PVP that can be accessed in the PVP Profile menu in order to level the playing field and improve PVP gaming. These are similar to your standard job activities, but they work differently, and there are much less of them in total for each job. Some common combinations may have been consolidated into a single button.

Limit Break is not a shared resource in PVP, so keep that in mind. Your own Limit Break works as an ultimate ability, and you may use it anyway you like.

Actions in PVP

There are also a handful of common Actions in PVP that all jobs share:

  • Standard-issue With a cast period of 4.5 seconds, Elixir restores your HP and MP to maximum levels. If you take damage, your casting will be halted.
  • With a cure efficacy of 15,000, Recuperate quickly recovers your own HP.
  • Stun, Heavy, Bind, Half-asleep, Sleep, and Deep Freeze are all removed by Purify. On successful removal, it also provides Resilience, which removes all status effects.
  • Guard lasts 5 seconds and decreases damage received by 50% while also providing immunity to the effects of Stun, Heavy, Bind, Silence, Half-asleep, Sleep, Deep Freeze, and knockback/draw-in. For the period, it also slows your mobility by 50%. Guard may be turned off at any moment.
  • Sprinting improves movement speed and lasts until it is repeated or another action is performed.

The key to success in PVP is mastering your actions! In order to utilize your actions efficiently on the battlefield, go over your tool tips and practice on hitting dummies.

Quick Talk

FINAL-FANTASY-XIV-Online_20220512181036-1024x708 Quick Talk Quick Talk gives you the bare necessities to communicate with your teammates. | Image: Square Enix via HGG / Joni Crawford

PVP in Final Fantasy XIV does not allow free use of the chat. Instead, Quick Talk buttons are available in your Actions in PVP menu. Assign these to your hotbar to communicate with your teammates during matches.

Crystalline Conflict’s Fundamentals

crystal Crystalline Conflict's Fundamentals You’re going to be spending a lot of time with him. | Square Enix via HGG / Joni Crawford

Crystalline Conflict will seem quite similar if you’ve ever played a payload match in a team FPS game. Both teams begin on opposite sides of the map, with the objective of pushing the large crystal in the map’s center to the other team’s base.

Matches in Crystalline Conflict last a maximum of 5 minutes. They can be completed significantly faster, and if there isn’t a clear victor when the countdown reaches zero, they may also go into overtime.

You won’t be able to push the crystal right away when the gates swing open. It will remain still for a few more seconds before becoming mobile. To move it, you must be standing inside the circle’s base. The crystal will not move if both teams’ players are within the circle at the same time. To move the crystal ahead, you must remove them.

If you manage to knock out the other team and start pushing back after they have moved the crystal into your zone, the crystal will travel somewhat quicker. If the opposition team succeeds to push it back to where they had it, it will also do this.

chjeckpoints chjeckpoints Oh my, it’s time for a pit stop. Square Enix courtesy of HGG / Joni Crawford

Between the center and each team’s base, there is also a checkpoint. The crystal will be temporarily halted when it reaches this checkpoint, and you will have to defend against the opposition team until it resumes its journey.

What Are Your Strategies for Winning?

If a team’s crystal reaches the base or the timer runs out and they have pushed the crystal farther than the other team, they win the match. The victory requirements are somewhat different if the game goes into overtime. If your side is ahead, all you have to do now is get the other team off the crystal. However, if your team is behind, you must overcome the opposing team to win. In the unlikely case of a draw, one team must just outrun the other.

Crystalline Conflict is available in Casual and Ranked modes. Your rating, which runs from Bronze to Crystal, will, of course, be affected by ranked matches.

Maps of Crystalline Conflict

The Palaistra, Cloud Nine, and Volcanic Heart are the three maps presently available in Crystalline Conflict.

palaistra Maps of Crystalline Conflict palaistra I’m curious whether Sharlyan has any Crystalline Conflict amateur teams… Square Enix courtesy of HGG / Joni Crawford

There are no map events in the Palaistra, but there are speed lanes that let you to travel quicker and various levels on the playing field.

cloud cloud Take your time or you’ll end up flying! Square Enix courtesy of HGG / Joni Crawford

Turbulence is a map event in Cloud Nine that produces tornadoes that toss players into the air and cause fall damage. You will obtain a Chocobo feather if you remain on top of the Chocobo emblems that show before the tornadoes occur, which will neutralize the fall damage. Guard, on the other hand, will keep you from being launched into the air.

volcanic volcanic Is it just me, or is it unbearably hot in here? | Square Enix via HGG / Joni Crawford

The event Volcanic Heart produces line AoEs that take up whole lanes of the map. You must avoid them or you will receive damage. Bomb Cores, which may offer you a damage buff and an LB boost, spawn from Bombs, which leave behind AoEs.

What You Get When You Win (and Losing)

You will be rewarded whether you win or lose! If you win, your prizes will be enhanced.

EXP, Series EXP, and Wolf Marks are awarded by playing Crystalline Conflict matches. PVP is a wonderful leveling technique if you want to take a break from grinding dungeons since you gain EXP for playing.

FINAL-FANTASY-XIV-Online_20220512181013-1024x542 What You Get When You Win (and Losing) the Crystalline Conflict I’d also walk 500 malms… Square Enix courtesy of HGG / Joni Crawford

Your Series Level rises as you gain Series EXP, which accelerates your Malmstone development. PVP Malmstones normally reward you with Trophy Crystals, but the Malmstone progression also includes some amazing glam goods!

Wolf Marks and Trophy Crystals are PVP-specific commodities that may be traded for cosmetics, gear, weapons, and portrait customisation from different merchants in the Wolves’ Den.

Crystalline Conflict Tips and Tricks

FINAL-FANTASY-XIV-Online_20220512174639-1-1024x576 Crystalline Conflict Tips and Tricks The grind is never-ending. Square Enix courtesy of HGG / Joni Crawford

Here are a few pointers to aid you on the battlefield before you enter into PVP!

Outside of matches, practice your actions! There are lots of hitting dummies around the Wolves’ Den to help you practice your skills.

💡 Communicating with your team will always help you better coordinate your assault. Mark high priority targets and use Quick Talk commands to let everyone know what you’re thinking. Make sure to pay attention to what they’re saying too!

Take advantage of the map’s mobility benefits by using Sprint! Cloud Nine includes platforms that will rocket you along wind patterns to bring you to the action quicker, and the Palaistra has speed lanes.

Potions will spawn around the map’s boundaries. All you have to do is walk over one of them to recover a significant amount of HP.

💡 Try to pull foes away from the crystal if you’re a ranged character. Simultaneously, be prepared to get close and personal if you need to halt the other side from moving forward.

💡 When necessary, take a step back and regroup! If you can aid your squad out by withdrawing and waiting for a coordinated assault, dying on the crystal isn’t the ideal choice.

Hold on to your Limit Break as little as possible. In PVP, LB is not a shared resource, so take use of it whenever you can!

💡 Losses should not depress you, particularly when matches are brief and lines are short. Perfection comes with practice! View each battle as a learning opportunity, regardless of whether you win or lose, since you can always come back for more.

💡 Customizing your Instant Portrait won’t help you win, but it will make you appear awesome at the start of each match! Portraits may be seen in the Character Menu.

Participate in the High Ground

That’s all I’ve got for now! Because Crystalline Conflict is a new game mode, the meta and tactics that surround it are continuously emerging. To stay up to speed with Final Fantasy XIV, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media.

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FFXIV PVP: Crystalline Conflict Overview, is a content released by Square Enix. The content includes a detailed overview of the conflict and how it will affect players. Reference: ffxiv crystal pvp discord.

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