Fallout 76 Meat Week 2021 Rewards

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With the recent release of Fallout 76, most players quickly got over the initial shock of the wasteland and continued with the usual thing (in the game at least): exploring, raiding, and digging. However, not everyone got over it so quickly, and right now there is a serious Fallout 76 meat week going on. Many players are spending hours each day hunting and cooking meat in order to unlock the rewards for this week.

Fallout 76 is the latest entry to Bethesda’s storied Fallout franchise, and it has been praised for its robust in-game world and gameplay. While the game has received many comparisons to the previous titles, there has been a notable lack of information surrounding its microtransactions. Bethesda has yet to reveal what the game’s DLC strategy will be, and this has left many players confused as to how the game will support its content updates and paid post-launch DLC.

This week I have been playing Fallout 76 again, I’ve gained all the way back to level 27 and am now back to where I was last Saturday after a week off. I’ve been trying to find a way of getting the meat needed to level up to level 32 so I can get some decent rewards, so I’ve been playing a lot of survival, and a lot of steak. I’ve noticed it takes only about half a steak a day to level up, but the real issue is the amount of meat you get at the end of a mission/quest.

Fallout 76 Meat Week 2021 Rewards - What You Can Earn from Grahm’s Meat-Cook

Meat Week, a limited-time challenge and special prize event in Fallout 76, is planned to return for the first time in 2021.

You should be familiar with how things work if you’ve participated in previous Fallout 76 Meat Week activities. To earn Prime Meat, you must first complete the Primal Cuts event missions. These spawn every 15 minutes in three distinct sites across Appalachia, and you must kill various monsters to complete them.

Fallout 76 Meat Week 2021 Rewards - What You Can Earn from Grahm’s Meat-Cook

Fallout 76 Meat Week 2021 Rewards - What You Can Earn from Grahm’s Meat-Cook

Meat Week 2021 Rewards in Fallout 76

After obtaining Prime Meat, you travel to Grahm, a super mutant chef and vendor, to take part in Grahm’s Meat-Cook. He lights up his grill at this point, and you must assist him in putting together a massive feast by doing things like playing music, putting out fires, and gathering materials. If you throw your Prime Meat onto Grahm’s grill, you’ll get Legendary Scrip as a first-time Fallout 76 Meat Week 2021 reward.

In the year 2020, Reddit user gilpo1 datamined the entire list of Fallout 76 Meat Week awards. Although the topic has now been archived and no official list of Fallout 76 Meat Week 2021 event rewards exists, there’s a decent chance you can still acquire (at least a portion of) them.

XP, Caps, Tato Salad, the Meat Cleaver thrown weapon, and Treasury Notes are among the base Fallout 76 Meat Week 2020 prizes — Three for completing the Meat-Cook event quest, two for completing the Primal Cuts event quest if you’ve finished the Secrets Revealed quest, and a random legendary.

Plans for the Beer Steins Display Case and the Meat Week Souvenir Beer Stein are also available, albeit they are not tradeable and only appear once per player.

Then there are a few more uncommon Fallout 76 Meat Week 2021 goodies to be found. The following are the details:

  • Meat Cleaver is the plan.
  • Chef’s Hat with Blood
  • Chef’s Outfit with Blood
  • Hat of the Grillmaster
  • Meat Week Flag is a plan.
  • The Moo-Moo Outfit, to be precise.
  • The Moo-Moo Mask, to be precise.
  • Brahmin Grill is the plan.
  • The Moo-Moo Backpack is the plan.
  • Tenderizer
  • Flamer is the plan.
  • Shishkebab is the plan.
  • Meat Tenderizer is the plan.
  • Modification: Spicy Tenderizer
  • Modification: Peppered Tenderizer
  • Modification: Salty Tenderizer
  • Tato Salad (recipe)

Cooked meat, booze, and stims are also accessible; the drop chances for each item may be found at the link above.

During the Meat Week event, Grahm also sells Recipe: Chally’s feed. These five goods, according to Reddit user Arsenic Touch, could be new prizes in 2021.

  • Pepper Shaker is the plan.
  • Plan: Grilling on a Grocery Cart
  • Fruit Wreath Made of Plastic
  • Fruit Bowl Made of Plastic
  • Duck Decoy Set

Meat Week 2021 in Fallout 76 runs from August 17 to August 23, offering players over a week to collect these rewards.

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If you’ve ever played Fallout 76, you know that there are some really weird, oddball, or downright bizarre food items in the game. Like, I’m not a fan of radscorpions, but I never thought they’d end up on a pizza, like, ever. Or a radroach. Radroaches? Ew.. Read more about fallout 76 when is meat week 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rewards for meat week in fallout 76?

The rewards for meat week in Fallout 76 are as follows: -You get a free Meaty Meal Box. -You get a free Meaty Meal Box. -You get a free Meaty Meal Box.

How often is meat week Fallout 76?

Meat week is a weekly event that happens in Fallout 76.

How often does Grahms meat cook happen?

Grahms meat cooks every Tuesday.

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