This week, on the penultimate day of the 2018 EverQuest II Patch 11 cycle, the team will offer a new zone designed for low level players, and a new raid involving a series of seven quests involving a dinosaur and a centaur.

The latest expansion for the long-running MMO, EverQuest II, is launching next week on Thursday, June 19th. The expansion will be called Toil and Trouble, a reference to the legendary dwarven blade of the same name. The expansion will include a new faction of dinosaur/centaur hybrids called the Torkil. The expansion will also include a new boss called the Blue Dragon and a new island called Isle of Strife.

The long-anticipated 1.4 patch is finally here – and this is a big one. The patch comes with a slew of new content, including a new elemental creature, the drake, as well as the return of the centaur and the dinosaur. This release is also notable for the sort of “world changes” it’s bringing, including an update to the zone design.


Jenn Chan of Daybreak has sent a message to the EverQuest II community this week that reveals a few details about the game’s upcoming update: Toil and Trouble is the title, and it will be released on August 10th. What’s in it, exactly? Oh, my lovely summer baby. Despite the fact that it’s just a week away, Chan isn’t telling you that.

“Let me begin by announcing that our next game update will be named Toil and Trouble and will be released on August 10th, 2021! In a subsequent article, we intend to go into more detail on the material that will be released, so keep a look out for that. In the meanwhile, know that there is something for everyone, regardless of your playstyle: whether you like to tradeskill all day, run about and do missions, or raid with your guildmates!”

Chan goes on to detail upcoming events, including a double treasure event on August 10th, the Fortress of Drunder dungeon unlocking on August 25th, the Panda Panda Panda event in the autumn (yep, it’s named that now), and a hint for the late-year expansion. She claims there are dinosaurs in there, as well as centaurs. Chan checks off, saying, “You’ll be the Centaur of attention in no time.”

Meanwhile, Whizzlebang Twempt’s living legacy raids event begins today in Classic EverQuest with Daybreak.


EverQuest II (EQ2), the fantasy MMORPG, will be repacking its release schedule for next week, the latest expansion Tiles of Fate has been confirmed for April 26, “Tiles of Fate” will be the newest expansion to the online gaming world, and it will be released on the 25th April, and it will introduce the new race, dinosaur, centaur.. Read more about eq2 forums and let us know what you think.

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