Elteria Adventures continues development in spite of half the team ‘hiding in bombshelters’ in Ukraine

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Elteria Adventures has been developing a virtual reality game for children which is set in the medieval fantasy world of Elteria. The project, originally started by seven people, was recently purchased by Ukrainian company Gogol Games and it’s now being developed with 25 members of staff working full-time on its development. Despite this sudden increase in team size, the game has continued to develop without interruption because the original developers are still hiding out in bomb shelters created during WWII

The “spiderheck free download” is an adventure game that has been in development for a while. The developers of the game have announced that they are continuing to develop it despite half the team hiding in bombshelters.


It’s been about a year since we last looked at multiplayer voxelbox Elteria Adventures, which, as readers will know, evoked Landmark with its open alpha release on Steam last summer. MMO blogger Bhagpuss, who graciously informed us of this development, recently rejoined the game and discovered that he had made a mistake in dismissing the game’s alpha last year, since the game has undergone tremendous improvement in the months afterwards. Pigs and skeletons who wanted to eat his character most likely agreed. (In actuality, it sounds like a rather severe sandbox.)

The most recent report came in March, and it included some concerning news for the squad, some of which seems to be in Ukraine. “Despite this terrible moment, when half of our team is sheltering in bomb shelters and the other half is doing all possible to aid,” the team wrote two months ago beneath a big “We Stand with Ukraine” banner.

New powers for mobs and bow users, new sidekicks, a private island extension, a new achievement system, better mob AI, improvements to the fighting and construction systems, and a “major revamp” of landscape creation were all included in that update, which was followed by another at the end of March.

If you want to play this one before it debuts, you can simply request an Alpha using Steam.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F amKVDqGP0


The “ocean survival game steam” is an adventure game that has been in development for a while. Despite the team being split, they are continuing to develop it.

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