The release of Elite Dangerous: Horizons 2.1 has been a massive success for the Elite Dangerous community. There are arguably more features in Horizons 2.1 than in any previous update. For example, all ships are now protected by powerful anti-aircraft turrets, which are deployed when the player’s ship enters a contested area. The turrets are used by both players and NPCs to defend their territory. This new feature has been well received by the community.

Over the past five years we’ve seen all manner of ways to make Elite Dangerous more fun and engaging. We’ve seen new ships and features, we’ve seen new ways to sell, we’ve seen new ways to play, and we’ve seen new ways to betray. Each of these changes have been met with a degree of resistance from the community, but that’s what happens when you let players loose in a galaxy that’s been crafted by a passionate team of developers.


The latest update for Elite: Dangerous’ Odyssey expansion is almost here, and it’ll bring a long list of repairs, enhancements, and upgrades to the spaceship sandbox. Anti-aircraft turrets have been added to combat zones, providing a new degree of difficulty to players who are participating in battles with their spacecraft rather than on foot. Pilots in the skies will also have to deal with AI-controlled ships, adding dogfighting to the ground-based gunplay currently taking place in CZs.

The bulk of Update 7 will be spent repairing and optimizing the game, with promises of better lighting, additional planetary surface enhancements, an updated navmesh to assist with framerate dips, and a long list of bug patches. Enforcers with rocket launchers will be added to CZs, as well as the ability to divert space taxis in mid-flight and new social hub designs.

The release date for Update 7 has yet to be revealed, but the newest development article has additional details, as well as a video showcasing the new-look combat zone, which can be seen below the break.


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