Elite Dangerous maps out plans for three more updates in June as another player initiative is binned

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“Seek freedom. Take risks. Live your dreams.” That’s what Elite: Dangerous wants you to think. But it’s the ‘live your dreams’ that’s the problem. The sequel to the crowdfunded space trading game, Elite: Dangerous, launched in December 2014 but has yet to become the vast, living galaxy it first promised. Fans of the game have instead been left waiting for a myriad of promised updates and expansions.

Elite Dangerous is an original game series that blends aspects of a space simulator and an RPG. Created by Frontier Developments – a UK-based game studio based in Cambridge – the game is set in the year 3302, with players able to pilot their private spacecraft from earth to the furthest reaches of the Milky Way galaxy. The game series is set for another three expansions in June, with the first being named “Beyond”.

It’s been a couple of years since Elite: Dangerous launched, and this space sim has been doing admirably since. In fact, it’s been doing so remarkably well that developer Frontier Developments has extended the life of the game until at least 2022.

word-image-2292 At the end of May, the developers of the game Elite:. Dangerous have promised to release a roadmap of updates to fix some of the issues with the Odyssey expansion. This roadmap has already been made public, but contains only vague hints and promises of many improvements. There are a few specific updates planned: a new update will be released every Thursday in June, about the same size and scope as the previous two. The update to 10. June will change the download user interface and give that on foot ARX; the 17. June will change the Codex CMDR statistics and suit user interface; and on 24. In June, mission sharing will be added, the galaxy and system map UI will be improved, and the outfit UI will be updated in response to player feedback. In addition, many improvements will be made in each update. Whatever that means. After that, Frontier Developments will apparently wait for the developers to work on the console version of Odyssey, which incidentally promises more improvements for the PC version as well, which essentially means the end of targeted updates after June, if the following quote is to be believed: While we expect specific and targeted performance improvements in the upcoming June updates, we also know that development for the console will bring even greater optimizations and performance improvements for the PC. As such, we think the best approach for all our sponsors is to focus our development efforts on performance and console release after Update 5 and bring our cross-platform community together, which will also allow us to bring even more changes and global optimization updates to all Elite Dangerous sponsors. More news Elite : Another player initiative was cancelled due to Odyssey bugs: Operation IDA, which was meant to bring players together to repair damaged space stations, has been cancelled because players’ progress was reset after a recent weekly reset and patch. We will not coordinate (or track) the repairs because we appreciate your time, effort and credit, the ad states. If you still want to ship, please do so, but we cannot guarantee that the station’s progress will not be reset until we receive confirmation from FDev. Readers will recall that Odyssey’s problems have already led to the cancellation of an event for players, when one of the event’s organizers declared that the game had lost its soul. Source: official forums (1, 2), thanks to Stuart for the tip! ViewSpace is a pretty lonely place, but you can now join a group of fellow space explorers with the upcoming release of Elite Dangerous. This new group, called the Elite Dangerous Pilots Federation, will give players an opportunity to coordinate with one another to create a more friendly environment for all players.. Read more about elite dangerous: odyssey new ships and let us know what you think.

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