The issue with Elite Dangerous, is that, as one of the most widely purchased space games on PC, the developer is getting hammered by some for not being more communicative about its development process. The developer has been accused of holding back both the game’s scope and gameplay, as well as not being more open about known bugs.

Elite: Dangerous is a crowdfunded space sim that has been in development for over a decade. The game’s currently in alpha, and the team has long faced the challenge of communicating its development status while balancing the need to provide enough detail for those who have made financial commitments to the game, while maintaining a desire to keep the game’s history and backstory shrouded in mystery. As such, there are big gaps in the information we have for the game: the development team has gone to great lengths to keep information about its progress under wraps. In some ways, this has turned Elite: Dangerous into a niche experience, while at the same time giving rise to a bizarre situation where players are effectively in the dark about the game’s history, while at the same

One of the classic debates in new game design is whether the developers should share enough information with the player that they feel confident in their decisions, or whether the game is too complex to allow the player to make the right decisions. One of the ways that games communicate this to the player is through the use of game challenges, like the “Tunnel under the Sea” mission in Elite Dangerous. The pilot has a limited number of fuel cells to power their spaceship, and they need to manage the risk of running out to ensure they complete the mission. If they fail the mission, they run the risk of having to spend the entire mission in the tunnel under the sea.

General tenor with elite players : Dangerous is that developer Frontier Developments isn’t communicative enough – a sore point that the studio says it’s trying to fix. But the earlier announcement was apparently not enough for some, sparking a heated discussion on the issue and leading to an appeal by community leader Paul Crowther:

Developing a game is always a process, from learning and troubleshooting to finding new updates. Development is still ongoing, but not always in the state required for release. If you talk about a topic too early, you may become disappointed and upset when the topic changes or turns out not to be what you thought it was. It’s like watching a live version of your favorite book. It doesn’t matter how good the interpretation is if the image is different from what you have in mind.

Crowther goes on to promise that the developers are working hard on Odyssey Update 6 and that new information will be announced on the forums, social media and during Supercruise News game shows as soon as it’s ready. We will be happy to share it with you if we can be sure that what we show you is at least very close to what you will get, Crowther writes.

Source: official forums (1, 2), thanks to Stuart for the tip!


The developer of Elite Dangerous has been working on the game for close to a decade, and the final product was always going to be an enormous undertaking. As the game approaches its one-year anniversary, many of its rough edges have been smoothed over and the game’s core systems have been improved. But, there’s still a lot to do, and the game’s season of expansions is only halfway through.. Read more about elite dangerous: odyssey launch and let us know what you think.

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