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Elden Ring is a game that has been designed with the idea of creating an immersive, realistic and life-like experience. It will take you in to a world where fantasy meets reality as there are highstanding foes, ancient ruins and bloodthirsty monsters roaming about. The Elden Ring Parents Guide offers valuable insight for parents on what their child can expect at home when playing this exciting new title from High Ground Gaming

The “what age rating is elden ring” is a question that comes up often when parents are considering purchasing it for their children. The game has been rated T by the ESRB and 12+ by PEGI.

Elden Ring is one of the most well-known and successful games available. It has a vast, stunning open world, superb combat, and a few RPG aspects that are incredibly gratifying. It’s no surprise that so many people, even small children, want to join in the fun. If you’re a parent who is concerned about the game’s content, you may be hesitant to purchase it for your child. This parent’s guide to Elden Ring should be useful.

All of those worries are valid, which is why we at High Ground Gaming are here to provide you with all of the necessary information so that you can make an educated decision.

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Parents’ Guide to Elden Ring: The Facts

So, without further ado, let’s get right into this Elden Ring parent’s guide!

Blood, Gore & Violence

20220511122317_1-1024x683 Violence in Elden Ring: Parents Guide BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, FromSoftware Inc. through HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Let’s start with Elden Ring’s most evident feature: its savagery. Elden Ring is classified M for adult and is suggested for players aged 17 and older by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. One of the reasons for this grade is the game’s many violent situations, which should come as no surprise.

There’s a lot of blood in this game, and you’ll witness it almost every minute of it. While you cannot dismember foes in battle, there is plenty of gore to be found throughout the game, as well as many previously severed limbs and other items.

During a battle, there is also a boss who will pull his own arm off. There are also several situations in which people are forcefully wounded through various portions of their bodies, most often their chest.

Elden Ring is a brutal game featuring a lot of blood and gore in general. It’s not the most violent game out there, but it’s still towards the top of the list of the most violent. If your child has already played violent games with comparable amounts of blood and gore, it may be appropriate for them.

Language & Nudity

20220525171820_1-1024x683 Language and Nudity- Elden Ring BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, FromSoftware Inc. through HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Elden Ring isn’t known for using foul words too frequently. You’ll hear the words “damn” and “bitch” from time to time, as well as a few sexual terms, but nothing too outlandish. Vulgar language is rather rare in Elden Ring, although it does exist.

When it comes to nudity and sexual themes, there is some minor sexual material, but nothing out of the ordinary. One of the game’s bosses wears a pretty revealing costume that exposes a lot of her flesh. There is also one NPC that disrobes herself (albeit she does not reveal her genitalia).

Finally, one of the game’s characters is hinted to engage in necrophilia on occasion. Although this may seem unsettling, nothing is really displayed. There are no explicit sex scenes in the game. While I can’t speak for all parents, I believe Elden Ring’s profanity and sexual material are appropriate for children over the age of 12.

Other Content of Interest

20220526182644_1-1024x683 Other Content of Interest BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, FromSoftware Inc. through HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Finally, there is some additional information that you should be aware of if you are considering purchasing Elden Ring for your kid.

Elden Ring may be rather frightening at times, and some of the game’s monsters have horrific designs. Many young children may be disturbed by the grimdark aura that pervades the whole planet. There are also several jump scares sprinkled throughout the game.

Aside from the scary elements, the game is quite challenging and may be irritating at times. Many of the game’s bosses are meant to be difficult to defeat, and others are downright unjust. Even if you have a lot of experience with the game, you will die a lot.

If you don’t enjoy seeing your kid furious or don’t believe they’ll be able to manage some of the game’s harsh adversary encounters, find them something more calm to play.

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