Elden Ring Gurranq Questline | Full Walkthrough – Guide Fall

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The Elden Ring is a popular online game that will take your character on an epic quest across the world. Our guide breaks down all of what you need to know about playing this unique MMO RPG including tips and tricks, walkthroughs for each chapter, achievements you can earn along the way and more!

The “elden ring quest guide” is a walkthrough for the Elden Ring Questline in the game Fall. This questline can be found in the “Elden Ring: A Journey Home”.

While there are lots of friends to be made in Elden Ring, mentors are few. Teachers of magic, offering you power in exchange for your secrets. Only one NPC provides you with this ability in such a basic manner. Clergyman the Beast Gurranq is the sole means to use Beast Incantations, which are Strength-based incantations. Gurranq is on a mission to obtain all of these powerful spells. We can assist you in finding him or learning the whereabouts of his delectable Deathroot!

How to Finish Elden Ring’s Gurranq Questline

ergurranqlocationfull-640x360How to Finish Elden Ring's Gurranq Questline

You must first locate the beast clergyman before beginning the Gurranq questline. He may be found in Caelid’s Bestial Sanctum, at the upper right. He is protected by not one, but two bosses in this high-level zone. The bridge is guarded by a dragon, while the inner sanctuary is guarded by a gargoyle. These men may be tough to fight, so ride past them and into the Sanctum itself to the Site of Grace.

Head up to the huge beast at the rear of the room after you’ve arrived. Gurranq is my name. To buy his spells, you’ll require a money called Deathroot, which he’ll hand out to you in sequence. When you approach close to Deathroot, he’ll gift you an Eye that quivers.

An Alternative Route to Gurranq

ergurranqtele-640x360Gurranq Early TP

Fortunately, this is not the only route to Gurranq. A teleporter is a substantially speedier alternative. A tiny lake may be found north of Mistwood, close above the Third Church of Marika. Go right after jumping into the water. There will be a blue wind. Enter the teleporter to be transported directly to the front of the Sanctum. The Gargoyle in front of the Sanctum will only aggro if you approach him too closely in this situation. So you’re free to relax!

Locations of Deathroot

Elden Ring has nine Deathroot cloves in total. The locations are listed on the bottom two maps in general, however bosses and dungeons may vary.

erdeathroot-640x360Locations of Deathroot Elden Ring Limgrave Liurnia

  1. The Deathtouched Catacombs (Central Limgrave) are found after the dungeon’s boss, the Black Knife Assassin.
  2. Summonwater Settlement (Eastern Limgrave) – Located between Limgrave and Caelid among the remains of a village. This introduces you to the Tibia Mariner, who will appear often during the quest. He like to be in the town’s center; look for the undead and you’ll find him. Beware of his wide-area-of-effect assaults!
    • The Skeletal Militiaman Ashes are also included.
  3. East Liurnia of the Lakes — On the eastern side of Liurnia, a Tibia Mariner relaxes in a little pool of water. On the map, he will be directly before the tower. You may have to look around for a while to figure out where he transported to.
    • The Skeletal Bandit Ashes are also included.

erdeathroot1-640x360Northern Elden Ring Locations of Deathroot

  1. Black Knife Catacombs (Northeastern Liurnia) — In Eastern Liurnia, follow the route down to the right side of the Erdtree. The Cemetary Shade boss battle is the work of the Deathroot.
  2. Up on the hill behind the Lux Ruins are the Wyndham Ruins (Western Atlus Plateau). The Mariner should spawn in the sea underneath the Ruins themselves.
    • The Tibia’s Summons will also be given to you.
  3. Gelmir’s Hero Grave (East Mt. Gelmir) – A Hero Grave building may be found at the end of the rugged section on the mountain’s eastern half. The chest following the boss encounter will give you your Deathroot at the conclusion of this dungeon.
  4. Catacombs of the Giants’ Mountaintops (Southwest Mountaintops of the Giants) – Inside a catacomb located by going east of the chain that leads to the remainder of the Mountaintop. This may also be found in the chest after defeating the monster.
  5. The Giants’ Mountaintops (North Mountaintops) are located on the cliff south of Castle Soul. The Snow Valley Ruins Overlook is located northwest of it.
    • You will also get the weapon Helphen’s Steeple.
  6. Look to the west as you ascend the bridges for a damaged railing. Drop down along a concealed corridor, then make your way to the side doorway. To keep safe, use arrows, stones, or ground-based spells. Following these unseen passages will lead you to a brief catacomb. The final Deathroot may be found behind the Stray Mimic Tear boss after the boss.

Gurranq Quest Achievements

Gurranq’s questline is very lucrative… Well, for those who put their faith in God! His rewards are proportional to the number of Deathroot you feed him.

  1. The Clawmark Seal is a seal that improves as your strength increases.
  2. Bestial Sling is a short-ranged, rapid stone shotgun with good stagger but poor damage.
  3. Bestial Vitality is a perk that steadily regenerates your health. It lasts a long time and may be used in front of a boss with plenty of time.
  4. Beast’s Roar is an Ash of War ranged attack that scales according on Strength.

Angered Gurranq

At the 4th Deathroot, you must either teleport or leave Gurranq and rest at the Site of Grace. That’s because Gurranq has briefly lost his mind and will attack the player!

Gurranq is a very formidable foe. Even late in the game, calming him down will be tough. As a result, one of the following options is suggested:

  • While you strike his back, use your Spirit Summon to distract him. This is only suggested for constructions with a higher degree of difficulty.
  • Leave the Sanctum after giving him Scarlet Rot or Poison. Wait until the poison has done around 2500 damage outside before returning.

Once you’ve dealt around a fourth of Gurranq’s health, he’ll surrender. Simply refresh him by sitting at the spot of grace, and he should be back to normal. This is the only time this level of animosity will be shown.

The Deathroot’s Reward System

  1. Beast Claw is a ground-based AOE spell that cones out in front of you.
  2. Gurranq’s Stone is an arcing ranged strike. Staggers and does a lot of damage.
  3. Beastclaw Greathammer is a Greathammer that scales Strength, Dexterity, and Faith and has a very powerful Weapon Skill.
  4. Gurranq’s Beast Claw creates a gigantic ring of waves around the caster.
  5. A weapon may be enhanced to +25 using the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

Gurranq will depart the Bestial Sanctum forever after receiving his eighth Deathroot.

The “gurranq beast clergyman location in elden ring” is a quest that you can start at the end of Fall. This questline will take you to different locations and give you rewards along the way.

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