Elden Ring Brother Corhyn Questline

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The world of Elden Ring is one where the players take on the role of a hero who must explore and defeat enemies in order to save their land. The questline consists of two main adventures: “The Trial” and “The Journey”.

The “elden ring brother corhyn gone” is a questline in the Elden Ring game. The questline has been completed and it’s now time to move onto the next one.

Elden Ring requires a strong back and a lot of time to complete all of the endings. Not every character will provide you with the Runes required to access the various endings. And the most humble and inconspicuous characters are often the ones that open alternate endings! Brother Corhyn is a Roundtable Incantation instructor whose quest will take you throughout the Lands Between. Despite his unassuming appearance, Corhyn will reveal another alternative Elden Ring conclusion. And his whole questline reads like a Dark Souls love letter to Solaire! There’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a go! Let’s get this adventure started!

How to Finish the Brother Corhyn Story

erbrothercorhyn1-640x360How to Finish the Brother Corhyn Story

The questline for Brother Corhyn begins in Roundtable Hold. He’s the robed guy sitting off to the side, his wheel around his neck plainly identifiable. You have the option of speaking with him or not. He sells incantations and can give you prayerbooks, though you should give them to Miriel at the Church of Vows instead.

He will not begin his quest until you have arrived to the Altus Plateau, either by utilizing the Lift of Dectus or by finishing the Ruin-Strewn Precipice Dungeon.

Brother Corhyn may be found close to the Altus Plateau map. Head north of Grace, near the enormous white bridge to the west of Leyndell, on the Altus Highway. He’ll be chatting about the Goldmask and will be curious about his whereabouts.

The First Goldmask Location

erbrothercgoldmaskstart-640x360Elden Ring Goldmask Starting Location

In the northern Altus Plateau, Goldmask sits atop a bridge. You may get there by just traveling north from Brother Corhyn’s location, however it will be a short trip. He is a tall, almost nude man. After speaking with him, return to Brother Corhyn and inform him of your discovery.

Corhyn will be adjacent to Goldmask when you restart the area. Talk to him and Goldmask until their conversation is exhausted. The conversation in Goldmask should be straightforward.

The quest will not continue until you have obtained at least two Great Runes and have gained entry to Leyndell. When you do, they’ll proceed towards the capital’s massive, coliseum-like edifice.

In Leyndell, Brother Corhyn

erbrothercorhyn2-640x360Brother Corhyn Part 2 Questline

Brother Corhyn’s next place is a little difficult to find. You may follow the branches to the island to the west after you start ascending the branches towards the top of the capital. Duelists may be seen roaming the island. Defeat the duelists and go to the location shown on the map above.

Goldmask and Corhyn are both there, although Corhyn seems to be unhappy. Goldmask is up to something odd! We’ll have to step in and assist them.

The Regression Law

In order to complete this part of the quest, you must learn the The Regression Law spell. This spell is found with the Golden Order Principia prayerbook. In order to get this book, defeat Godrick, First Elden Lord, then exist east. From there, climb the root that gets back to the building’s second floor. Hop out of the exit and jump onto the roof. Head back inside through a broken window, climbing up a root towards a hanging chair.

Take the Principia to Corhyn or the turtle and learn the spells. In order to cast The Regression Law, you’ll need 37 Intelligence.

If necessary, we recommend utilizing two Larval Tears to gain 37 Intelligence before returning to your construct. Any character, though, may get there.

The following are the finest Intelligence items:

  • Glintstone Crown Twinsage (Helm, Raya Lucaria)
  • Soreseal of Marika (Talisman, Haligtree)
    • Marika’s Scarseal, accessible in Siofra River, gives +3, just two fewer than the Soreseal.
  • Heirloom Stargazer (Divine Tower of Liurnia)
  • Great Rune of Godrick
  • Greatsword with Grafted Blade (Requires 14 Dex and 27 Strength)
  • Crystal Tear of Intelligence-Knot

Using all of these items together will grant you 36 Intelligence, allowing any build to cast The Regression Law.

Cast this spell in front of the Marika statue at the foot of the Erdtree Sanctuary’s elevator to the west. The message in front of the statue should have changed after you cast it.

Return to Goldmask and inform them of the news. He will finally emote, though briefly. Then you may speak with Corhyn. He’ll offer you the incantation for the Immutable Shield.

After Regression, Corhyn

erbrothercorlastspot-640x360Brother Corhyn Last Potential Spot Elden Ring

Proceed to the Giants’ Mountaintop after this event. Brother Corhyn and Goldmask may be seen on the bridge above. Corhyn seems to be in a state of turmoil.

Corhyn’s discourse should be exhausted. You may have the Tonic of Forgetfulness if you’ve completed portions of Volcano Manor and Rya’s Questline. You may give this item to Corhyn if you have it. The tonic will not be used; it will be kept in your inventory. You have the option of doing so or not doing so. The only thing that will change is his eventual destination.

You must now finish Crumbling Farum Azula. After completing this dungeon, you will be transferred to the game’s final region.

Questline completion

ergoldmaskend-640x360Elden Ring Goldmask Brother Corhyn Quest End

Corhyn will be at one of two locations. If you didn’t give him the tonic, go to the plaza’s base of the bronze spear. Talk to him till he stops talking. After that, teleport or save and exit. His Bell Bearing, together with all of his incantations and clothing, will take his place.

The great Goldmask has gone missing. Follow Corhyn’s corpse south until you reach a stairway. Rather of using the stairwell, descend through the crevices of the two buildings. A bridge will be seen. Continue over it until you reach the Goldmask and a floating rune. Pick up the rune. After that, save, exit, and reload the area. You may then take Goldmask’s set… With no mask on. We don’t want to offend anybody here!

What happened to Goldmask’s mask?

You can really gain Goldmask’s Mask very early if you want to. Simply go south from Goldmask’s original spot on the bridge to the other disintegrating bridge segments. At the far end of the bridge, the mask will be on the body.

The mask isn’t very impressive, but it does provide decent non-physical resistance given its weight. Furthermore, it increases the efficacy of Golden Order incantations by 10%. This is a must-have item for fans of the Order incantation line!

The “brother corhyn missing” is a questline in the Elden Ring. The questline includes the brother Corhyn and his sister, who are trying to find him.

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