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Drift 21 is a 3D arcade racing game where you can drift, jump and take corners at top speed to win the race. Every level is designed to be fun to play and is based on real drift tracks that can be found around the world.

Drift 21 is a game that was released in 2016 and is developed by an indie company called A T R I X . It’s a game where you can race your own car or build a custom car from scratch. And when you think about building a car, Drift 21 has a very simple concept. You start out with the white car and as you unlock new levels you can unlock new colors.

Drift 21 is a new game by the same developer as Drift 2. In Drift 2, you play as a professional drifting driver and earn money during races while burning rubber on some of the most famous drifting tracks in the world. With Drift 21 however, the game plays a little differently. Instead of racing, you are a driving instructor and have to train a new driver. This is a pretty simple concept, but the game also features several different game modes and other options. As a newbie driver, you will get to acquire a few rides and compete with other driving instructors.

We anticipate some sort of drift mechanics in most modern-day racing games, but Drift 21’s primary goal is to drift, and although that may seem boring on paper, there is a lot more to Drift 21 than meets the eye.

Drift 21 allows you to personalize your vehicle, much like most other racing games these days, but the degree of customization goes well beyond most other games, to the point that the game becomes a car mechanic simulator as well as a racing simulator.

The degree of detail in the customisation allows players to really personalize the game, even enabling them to alter things in the inside of their vehicles, such as the steering wheel.

Drift-21-hood-1024x429 Under the hood of a car in draft 21

Players will be able to achieve greater speeds and execute better moves by finetuning the engine; even the slightest modification to your vehicle may have a significant effect on your performance on the track.

You may be acquainted with upgrading your engine if you’ve played any racing game where you can tune up your vehicle, but I’ve never seen a racing game with such much depth, where players can actually construct the engine piece by piece.

Realistic Racing Sim or Arcade Drifting in Drift 21?

Drift 21 has obviously taken a realistic approach, which works very well; in fact, I was shocked when I initially started playing that I had to manually change gears (I probably should have done the tutorial).

While I think that works well in this game, something about the driving mechanics seemed wrong to me; it felt like the creators were aiming for ultra-realism but hadn’t quite achieved it yet. That being said, Drift 21 is still in development.

drift-21-drifting-1024x429 Drift 21 drifting game

I was blown away by the amount of detail in the mechanical side of Drift 21 when I first began playing it; actually constructing the vehicle from the ground up was a completely new experience for me.

But it’s when I get into the driving part of the game that I feel let down; there aren’t enough vehicles and courses right now, and something about the driving simply doesn’t seem right.


Drift 21 is a decent racing game with the potential to be amazing, but since it’s still in development, I’m hoping for significant upgrades and feature additions with each release.

Since its most recent update, Drift 21 has included a multiplayer option, allowing you to compete against a buddy to see who is the fastest and most stylish drift racer on the track.

Drift 21 loading screen Drift 21 loading screen

If you like both racing and automotive mechanic games, Drift 21 is the game for you. You can get a copy from Steam by clicking the purchase now button below.

Drift-21-logo-150x150 Drift 21 Review

Review of Drift 21

Drift 21 is the name of the game.

Drift 21 is a realistic driving game that allows users to personalize their vehicles in ways they’ve never seen before. In multiplayer mode, fine-tune your favorite drift vehicle and compete against your friends.

Unboxed Opinions

The Good
  • Realistic
  • There are many options for vehicle personalization.
  • There’s a lot of potential for greatness here.
The Bad (& Ugly)
  • There are insufficient automobiles.
  • There are insufficient tracks.
  • Driving might be better.

5 6.5 3.25

Score from Unboxed Reviews

Drift 21 is a racing game developed by Drift Evolution Studios which is available on the iPhone and iPad stores. The game is free to download and there are no in-app purchases or ads. You can play it in your browser or download it on your iPad or iPhone. The gameplay is focused on driving a vehicle and drifting through tracks in a fast time. The game features real-world drifting vehicles and tracks, you can also race with your friends and go against them. There are also challenges and tournaments to unlock.. Read more about drift21 mods and let us know what you think.

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