Dragon’s Dogma 2 Officially Announced

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Dragon’s Dogma 2 is on the horizon, but with a long road ahead. The game will take players back to Pawn and find out what became of it when Grigori Church was abandoned.

The “dragon’s dogma 2 release date” is the official announcement of a sequel to the game Dragon’s Dogma. The game was released in 2012, and it is expected that this new installment will be released sometime in 2018.

During a live commemorating the series’ tenth anniversary, publisher and developer Capcom revealed that Dragon’s Dogma 2 is now under production.

The much awaited sequel is created utilizing the RE Engine, which also powers Monster Hunter: World and Resident Evil Village, two additional games from the publisher’s catalog.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Officially Announced

Unfortunately, this is also the only information that has been provided thus far. The news was made at the conclusion of the webcast, which also included team members talking about how the original was created, including director Hideaki Itsuno.

The way that Dragon’s Dogma made battles with large beasts more dynamic by allowing you climb upon them helped it stand out among RPG aficionados.

They were already terrifying enemies—almost reminiscent of the monsters in Monster Hunter—but fighting them at night further increased the risk.

On January 15, 2016, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen became available for PC. Given sufficient fan desire, the publisher was willing to create a sequel, and since then, rumors of one have been circulating.

It will be fascinating to watch how the series develops and how the transition to the RE Engine affects the gameplay and graphics.

The lack of information may indicate that Dragon’s Dogma II is still in the early stages of development, but hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to play it.

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