Does Evil Dead The Game Have Single Player

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The game is a single-player horror adventure mixed with action and puzzle mechanics. Players take control of Ash Williams, the protagonist from the iconic Evil Dead series as he tries to save Linda from being possessed by an evil force in her cabin. The game
released on May 31st 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam platforms.,

The “evil dead the game single player” is a question that has been asked many times. Evil Dead The Game is an action-adventure video game, and it does not have a singleplayer mode.

For fans of the Evil Dead series, the wait is over: Evil Dead: The Game is officially out, but many are asking whether the game has a single player option or campaign.

To be clear, Evil Dead The Game does offer a single player option, but it isn’t enough to warrant purchasing the game if you just plan on playing it in single player.

If you’re considering about purchasing Evil Dead The Game, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the game requires a continual internet connection to play. This shouldn’t be a problem for most people, unless you’re playing on console and don’t have a PS Plus or Xbox Live membership.

The second point to consider is that, like Dead by Daylight, the game is largely an asymmetrical multiplayer game, hence the single player portion of Evil Dead The Game was not a priority for the creators.

Single-player version of Evil Dead

When you first start Evil Dead The Game, you’ll see missions. These are single-player missions that can’t be completed in co-op, even with a companion.


In total there are five Single-player version of Evil Dead missions to enjoy, each of these represent a different part of the story from the Evil Dead movie and TV franchise.

Although there is a sixth Single-player version of Evil Dead mission listed as coming soon, and hopefully we can see this list expand with new missions as DLC for the game are released.

The five Single-player version of Evil Dead missions currently playable are:

  • Set someone free if you love them… A chainsaw is used.
  • Until the wheels come off, that is.
  • Kill everyone.
  • It isn’t going to let us go!
  • The Returning King


The single player missions, like the multiplayer games in Evil Dead The Game, are brief, lasting just around 30 minutes at most, but despite this, they are a well-rounded and welcome addition to the game.

They provide a fun and engaging method to learn more about the game and its mechanics beyond what the tutorial provides, as well as a wonderful chance to practice your aim without being distracted by other players.

Evil Dead game single player gameplay

Is the Evil Dead Single Player Mode Required?

Whether you want to get right into the action, you may be asking if you have to play the single player missions. While you can skip them, they do provide some benefits if you complete them.

Each mission has its own set of prizes, such as Knowby recordings, clothes, and even additional playable characters to utilize in the main game.

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Evil Dead The Game is a video game that was released in 2013. The game has single player mode and can be played on steam. Reference: evil dead the game steam.

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