This year’s Destiny 2 Annual Pass is a big one. Not only are legendary ship and weapons, the Queen’s Wrath raid, and new story missions all part of the package, but the Annual Pass is also bringing changes to both the ritual activity and reputation system for the first time.  Ritual activity ranks and reputation are both in need of a tune-up, so here’s what we know about the two systems as we head into Season 15.

Destiny 2’s first content update of the year arrived on April 11th, and Bungie has been busy. The studio has made several significant changes to the game’s activities, and it’s time to outline them here.

In Destiny 2, Bungie has confirmed that the ritual activity rewards and reputation raising from killing foes will be changed in Season 15. The player will gain a reputation reward for each enemy defeated, and it will be earned regardless of the player’s activity rank.


Season 15 of Destiny 2 will attempt something new in terms of its regular activities and reputation grinds. The reputation and rank systems for these ritual activities will be united, according to the game’s regular newsletter, while Commander Zavala’s PvE rituals will have their own reputation system.

Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit Ranks have been added to Zavala’s, Shaxx’s, and the Drifter’s regular activity systems, with Trials Ranks added for Trials of Osiris. All of these rituals’ ranking progression will be overhauled, with ritual-specific limitations that impede progress being eliminated and win streak bonuses being replaced with activity streak bonuses that grow the longer players participate in a certain activity type. The goal, according to the newsletter, is to allow players to reset their Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit Ranks faster than Valor now allows.

Vanguard Ranks are a new reputation system added by Zavala for PvE activities such as strikes, nightfalls, and battlegrounds. It adds a full reputation reward line similar to current PvP rituals, as well as some extra bonuses for those who get bronze, silver, gold, and platinum Nightfall completion medals.

Finally, Season 15 will change when and how the Grandmaster catch-up node is available, enabling players to earn their golden title earlier in the season while also eliminating the requirement for a single strike to receive high-tier rewards as the season continues.


Destiny 2 is packed with changes that will be implemented in Season 15, which kicked off on August 28 and runs until late September. Right now, it’s still early days in Season 15, but we’ve already uncovered a few big changes coming to the rituals in the game. It’s an important change, especially for players who’ve been using their rituals for a long time – and it’s easy to forget that even though these players have been contributing to the game for months now, their reputations are still at base level.. Read more about destiny 2 mmo and let us know what you think.

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