COD: Best Vanguard Weapons in Warzone: Season 2

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Season 2 of Warzone is out and the best games around are coming to take your money. Below we’ve got a guide on what weapons you should be using in order to win some titles.

The “best guns in warzone season 6” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to the question, is the “COD: Best Vanguard Weapons in Warzone: Season 2.”

Season 2 of Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific has been completely overhauled, with new weaponry, maps, modes, and more. Call of Duty: Vanguard’s new weapons, which were introduced to the Warzone scenario in Season 6, are likewise continuously reshaping the meta. Many of these new Vanguard weapons received buffs and nerfs in the most recent Season 2 patch, further altering the meta. Currently, Warzone is separated into two modes: one that only includes Vanguard weapons, and another that includes all weapons produced in Warzone. It’s critical to know which Vanguard weapons are ruling Caldera this season if you want to make your way to the top. But how can you find out which Vanguard weapons are the greatest in Warzone? 

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In this tutorial, I’ll go through the top 10 Vanguard weapons to employ in Season 2 of Warzone Pacific. I’ll also point out the finest attachments and unlock criteria for each one to assist you in deciding which one is ideal for you. Let’s get this party started! 

Warzone Season 2’s Top 8 Vanguard Weapons

In Warzone, what is the finest Vanguard weapon? In Warzone, there are now 32 Vanguard weapons, with a new weapon in practically every class. Although there are many to pick from, the Assault Rifle, Light Machine Gun, and Sub-Machine Gun classes include some of the most powerful weapons. This season, I’ll be concentrating on the top seven Vanguard weapons that stand out above the others.

Cooper Carbine, No. 1

The Vanguard assault weapon is the greatest in the warzone. 

Cooper-Carbine-FOR-ARTICLE-1024x445 Cooper Carbine Vanguard Weapon Summer Watts / HGG courtesy of Activision

Why is it regarded as one of the best?

Despite the fact that the recoil control and mobility of this deadly assault rifle were nerfed in the Season 2 patch, it remains one of Warzone’s best weapons. It has incredible accuracy, good damage, and a quick firing rate. While its range and recoil are disadvantages, they may be readily overcome with the addition of accessories to make it even more effective. 

What are the most useful attachments?

This build, created by prominent Warzone YouTuber “BennyCentral,” focuses on improving the weapon’s accuracy and rate of fire. While it may not do the most damage, it will assist you in landing every critical shot and ensure a quick TTK. 

The 22″ Cooper Custom is one of the most crucial accessories in this design, since it greatly enhances your accuracy and range. The Tight Grip is a must-have since it improves accuracy and recoil control when firing continuously. 

The 9mm 60 Round Drums are particularly important since they improve recoil control and accuracy, firing rate, ADS, and provide you with the most bullets to beat the competition. You’ll want to couple this swift killer with an SMG once again to take on close-range battles.  

What’s the best way to obtain it? 

You’ll have to achieve five headshot kills with an assault rifle fifteen times in a single round. On Rebirth Island, this task shouldn’t be too tough to complete. 

2. STG 44

Vanguard assault weapon is the most flexible assault rifle in the warzone.

STG44-FOR-ATRICLE-1024x465 This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is STG44-FOR-ATRICLE-1024x465.jpg Summer Watts / HGG courtesy of Activision

Why is it regarded as one of the best?

During Season 1, this well-rounded assault rifle was a good and popular pick, and it continues to be so in Season 2. It escaped the latest huge Season 2 patch undamaged, making it an even more powerful alternative. 

The STG 44 is a high-damage weapon that specializes in close and mid-range combat. It’s also highly accurate and has a fantastic kill time. It can easily be made into a long-range steamroller, despite the fact that it isn’t as spectacular at long ranges. 

What are the most useful attachments?

This loadout focuses on making the STG 44 more of a long-range competitor, but there are many more builds that are just as excellent that you may test on the STG 44. The VDD 760mm 05B is the most critical attachment in this setup. It provides significant improvements in accuracy, damage, and range.  

Despite a nerf at the start of Season 2, incendiary ammunition is still best used with the STG 44. Your ammunition will have the firepower it needs thanks to the Vital perk, which boosts the amount of damage dealt to crucial spots. 

The 60 round drum magazine may reduce your mobility, but the additional ammunition will offer you a greater chance of winning your engagements. Combine the STG 44 with a strong SMG such as the PPSh-41 to cover all of your close-range confrontations. 

What’s the best way to obtain it?

This powerful assault gun is available right away at level one! 

3. Bren

The Vanguard light machine gun is the most powerful weapon in the Warzone.

Bren-FOR-ARTICLE-1024x468 This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Bren-FOR-ARTICLE-1024x468.jpg Summer Watts / HGG courtesy of Activision

Why is it regarded as one of the best?

Despite the fact that the Bren’s damage and recoil have been nerfed multiple times, it still manages to win. Many players dislike LMGs because of their poor ADS and mobility speed, however the Bren is an exception. 

It possesses the best damage range and lightest recoil of all the Vanguard LMGs, as well as the quickest TTK. Although its accuracy isn’t the finest, with the correct accessories, it can easily be improved.  

What are the most useful attachments?

The Bren becomes more of a long-range beast with this loadout. The MX Silencer improves accuracy while also adding sound reduction. The Queen’s 775 Scepter improves recoil control, accuracy, and bullet velocity significantly at the expense of mobility. 

The Hockenson SP2B reduces recoil during prolonged shooting, while the G16 2.5 scope excels at medium-range engagements. The M1941 Hand Stop improves recoil control and accuracy even further.

The Polymer grip provides flinch resistance and enhances accuracy and recoil management during continuous firing, while the lengthened ammunition boosts bullet velocity. Combine the Bren with a similarly powerful SMG to annihilate your foes at any range. 

What’s the best way to obtain it?

To get this formidable LMG, grind your way to level 53. It will be well worth it! 

4. Welgun

Vanguard SMG is the most meta weapon in Warzone. 

Welgun-FOR-ARTICLE-1024x467 This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Welgun-FOR-ARTICLE-1024x467.jpg Summer Watts / HGG courtesy of Activision

Why is it regarded as one of the best?

Although the Welgun’s maximum damage range and mid damage range were nerfed at the start of Season 2, it remains one of the finest SMGs in Warzone Season 2. It’s a close-to-mid-range powerhouse with a high firing rate. It swiftly takes down opponents and does a lot of damage. 

What are the most useful attachments?

For those who can land their shots, this loadout from YouTube uploader “JGOD” promises a quick TTK. It primarily focuses on enhancing the weapon’s range, rate of fire, and mobility. 

The 320mm SA Shrouded barrel improves your accuracy and damage range significantly. The removed stock enhances movement speed, sprint to fire speed, and ADS, while the M1941 Hand Stop underbarrel improves recoil control and accuracy. 

Although this design sacrifices recoil control for other benefits, if you want better accuracy, you may swap out the Removed Stock for the Gawain Skeletal. Hollow Point bullets deliver greater damage to the limbs, and your Acrobatic and Quick perks give you the speed to fight fiercely.  

What’s the best way to obtain it?

In a single battle, you’ll need to achieve 10 kills with an SMG while aiming down sights fifteen times. This will take some time and talent to do, but Plunder will increase your odds of succeeding. Enemy AIs protect the Research Labs on Rebirth Island, which is also a good alternative. 

PPSh-41 is number five.

Vanguard’s greatest secondary weapon in Warzone 

PPSH-41-FOR-ARTICLE-1024x459 This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is PPSH-41-FOR-ARTICLE-1024x459.jpg Summer Watts / HGG courtesy of Activision

Why is it regarded as one of the best?

The PPSh-41 from Vanguard isn’t as strong as the one from Black Ops, but it still delivers a punch. It’s a close-range beast because to its big magazine and very low recoil.

The PPSh-41 got a bump to its Neck Damage Multiplier in a patch released immediately after the massive Season 2 patch, putting it ahead of the many other weapons that were nerfed this season.  

What are the most useful attachments?

The PPSh-41 is a very powerful secondary weapon. This loadout strengthens it even more, allowing you to play aggressively and obliterate your opponents in frantic close-range battles. 

The Recoil Booster will sacrifice some accuracy in exchange for a faster rate of fire. Hip fire accuracy, hip fire recoil recovery, recoil recovery, and firing rate all benefit from the Kovalevskaya 230mm B03P. The Empress Custom improves recoil management, flinch resistance, accuracy, and recoil recovery to make the weapon more controllable. 

If you want to do rapid and heavy damage in such tense close-quarters circumstances, the 7.62mm Gorkeno 71 Round Mags are a requirement, and Hollow Point ammunition will maximize your limb damage. The Steady and Quick perks increase your movement, allowing you to be more aggressive. 

What’s the best way to obtain it?

It’s all yours once you reach level 51! 

Owen Gun, no. 6

Vanguard SMG is Warzone’s greatest medium-range weapon.

Owen-Gun-FOR-ARTICLE-1024x459 Owen-Gun-FOR-ARTICLE-1024x459 Summer Watts / HGG courtesy of Activision

Why is it regarded as one of the best?

The Owen Gun, unlike other SMGs, thrives at close and medium range. As a result, it’s more adaptable and handy as a backup weapon. Despite the fact that it isn’t the most popular option, it is gradually gaining favor due to its incredible TTK potential.   

It was one of the fortunate weapons to get a boost at the start of Season 2. It has good accuracy, firing rate, mobility, and control, but its damage output isn’t the greatest. Fortunately, the appropriate loadout can correct this. 

What are the most useful attachments?

This loadout, created by YouTuber Hero, focuses on boosting the Owen Gun’s accuracy, damage, range, and firing rate in order to make it a speedier and deadlier weapon. The Recoil Booster Muzzle will increase your firing rate, resulting in a speedier TTK. At long range, the Gawain 118mm Shrouded Barrel will enhance bullet velocity, limb damage, and reduce damage falloff. 

The Gawain H4 Folding improves aiming stability, flinch resistance, recoil control, and accuracy. The Carver Foregrip and Polymer Grip will help you reduce recoil even better, while the 8mm Kurtz 60 Round Drums will improve bullet velocity, range, and damage. 

How can I get it unlocked?

All you have to do is reach to level 29, which is pretty cool, right? 

7. MG42

Vanguard LMG is one of Warzone’s most underappreciated weapons.

MG42-FOR-ARTICLE-1024x462 MG42-FOR-ARTICLE-1024x462 Summer Watts / HGG courtesy of Activision

Why is it regarded as one of the best?

ARs, SMGs, and Sniper Rifles often leave LMGs out in the cold, but don’t let this one be one of them. This is a powerful LMG that is ideal for mowing down opposition teams. It’s an incredible beast in Caldera, because to its tremendous rate of fire, big magazine, and low recoil. It can melt foes quickly and handle medium-range battles. 

What are the most useful attachments?

This loadout focuses on increasing accuracy, range, and recoil control to make the MG42 more of a medium-range weapon. Sound suppression, enhanced recoil, and horizontal recoil control are all features of the MX Suppression. Because it improves recoil control and accuracy, flinch resistance, and bullet velocity, the VDD 890mm 32M Luftschutz is a must-have. 

Your accuracy, flinch resistance, and recoil control will all improve even greater with the VDD 64M. The 6.5 Sakura 125 Round Drums guarantee that you have enough ammunition to keep the competitors at bay and melt them. They also improve recoil control and accuracy, as well as movement speed, ADS speed, and firing rate.  

What’s the best way to obtain it?

This powerful LMG may be used from level 1! 

Special Mention

Without one of Vanguard’s most powerful sniper guns, our list would be incomplete. Despite the fact that many people thought it was an inferior version of its Modern Warfare predecessor, this sniper is swiftly rising to the top this season.

8. Kar98k

The Vanguard Sniper Rifle is Warzone’s most promising weapon.

Kar98k-Vanguard-FOR-ARTICLE-1024x465 Kar98k-Vanguard-FOR-ARTICLE-1024x465 Summer Watts / HGG courtesy of Activision

Why is it regarded as one of the best?

This sniper rifle may not be as strong as the Ka98k from Modern Warfare 2, but it is certainly worthy of being in the top tier. The ten attachment slots allow players additional options when crafting loadouts, making this sniper rifle probably more viable than its sibling. It has good basic stats and can rip through armor with only one shot. Look no farther if you want to conquer the competition from afar.   

What are the most useful attachments?

The Kar98k becomes a long-range slugger with improved accuracy, range, and mobility with this loadout. The F8 Stabilizer increases your accuracy and damaging range while still keeping you hidden. The VDD RE02K increases bullet velocity, damage to the upper extremities, and accuracy. 

Your movement speed, ADS speed, sprint to fire speed, and aim walking movement speed all benefit from the Short Stock. For improved recoil recovery, aiming stability, and aim walking steadiness, equip the Heavy Foregrip. 

What’s the best way to obtain it?

Work your way up to level 43 and you’ll have it! 

Be a part of the High Ground

Warzone’s Vanguard weapons are continuously changing the meta and soon become some of the game’s most powerful weaponry. While Modern Warfare and Cold War weapons remain excellent choices, Vanguard weapons are rapidly gaining ground in Caldera, outperforming many of Warzone’s older weaponry. Knowing which Vanguard weapons are the greatest and which one best fits you will help you dominate the competition this season. What is your favorite Vanguard weapon? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media. 

Have fun gaming! 

The “best guns in warzone vanguard” is a top-tier weapon that can be used in the game’s multiplayer mode. The best weapons are given to players at random, so it’s important to keep an eye out for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Vanguard guns will be best in Warzone?

A: The Vanguard guns are an assortment of weapons that have the same strengths and weaknesses. They all share the ability to charge up for a powerful attack, but some work better than others depending on what youre fighting against.

What is the best gun on CoD Vanguard?

A: The M60E4 is a very powerful gun, with high damage and ammo capacity. It also has good accuracy that works well at medium range.

What is the best Vanguard SMG in Warzone?

A: The best Vanguard SMG in Warzone is the Lancer-D.

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