Classic EverQuest launches speed-unlock and ‘true-box’ progression servers

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In an effort to make the game easier for new players and provide a more accessible experience, EverQuest is overhauling its progression system. In addition to making it faster and less punishing, true boxes are being launched that will let players progress their character much quicker than before.

The “eq progression server 2022” is a new Classic EverQuest server that was released on May 22nd, 2019. The server will allow players to unlock the speed-unlock and true-box progression systems. This will allow players to progress through the game at their own pace.


EverQuest II isn’t the only EverQuest game receiving a progression server this week; its older brother EverQuest is getting two, both of which are currently online.

Daybreak stated last night that “Vaniki, our new Level Locked Progression server, and Yelinak, our new Traditional Timelocked Progression server, are now both online and ready to accept gamers seasoned or just starting started.”

Vaniki, as previously stated, is a fast-leveling server with rapid expansion unlocks until level 60, after which they slow down to a “only” 8- or 12-week cadence. Yelinak, on the other hand, has a “true-box” regulation that prohibits multiboxing until the Omens of War are unlocked.

“Yelinak is a Relaxed True-Box Timelocked Progression server that unlocks new expansions every 8-12 weeks.” […] Per computer, only one EverQuest client may be used. Progression has been defined as the criteria for experience. It’ll start off slower than live, but faster than EverQuest at launch, and then pick up speed as you go through Gates of Discord, Depths of Darkhollow, and The Serpent Spine. At The Serpent Spine, the experience is similar to that of regular live servers.”

Please keep in mind that you’ll need to be a subscriber to access these servers. Have a blast!

#Vaniki and #Yelinak are now live! #EQ

— EverQuest (@everquest) May 25, 2022


The “everquest progression server timeline” is a new feature that was released by Sony. It allows players to experience the classic EverQuest game without paying for it.

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