Cantata is a Rich Strategy Game That Requires Some

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In a recent blog, Goldman Sachs’ head of investment strategy and innovation wrote that blockchain has the potential to revolutionize games. Cantata is one company in this ever-growing industry aiming to make gaming better than ever before with an elegant yet richly strategic game.

Cantata is a rich strategy game that requires some amount of thought. It has been noted as one of the best games for Android. The app is free to download and play, but you can buy in-app purchases if you wish.

Cantata is a Rich Strategy Game That Requires Some Perserverance

When a game throws me into a dull instructional portion, as vital as they are, I let out a little sigh of resignation. This isn’t some arrogant sneer at the notion that I don’t know what I’m doing, since I often don’t, but it is more to do with how such things are handled and the influence it may have on my first impressions of a game.

Take Cantata for example. This tactical strategy game is a bit like a turn-based Command & Conquer with a splash of Civilization, but a bit more complex and hands-on. As such, it absolutely needs a tutorial to ease players into it. It’s just that tutorial could really do with a bit of personality to connect it together in a more seamless, enjoyable experience. I wouldn’t be as irked by it if I didn’t like what Cantata actually has to offer, and I really am impressed with Cantata so far.

Cantata introduces an isometrically seen, vibrant extraterrestrial planet to its own sci-fi universe and mythology. Three groups, led by a cast of colorful personalities, are vying for territory on this brave new planet, and they all have personal grudges against one another to add some spice to the competition.

A lot of turn-based fights for land and expeditions to acquire unclaimed territory is a simple explanation for how it works. The deeper one has a grainy texture. You construct the necessary factories and structures to generate the necessary tools for the mission. For example, if there’s a long distance to travel to get the next free piece of land, or even an easy piece to steal, you can’t send the troops out on foot since it’ll take too long and someone else could grab the reward first while you’re slogging along admiring the scenery.

So you build a factory that produces vehicles for the grunts to travel long distances in, and then you load each soldier/explorer/etc onto the transport and send them on their journey. Arrive to the location, physically unpack the containers, do business, and then pack up. Cantata is not a fan of actions being automated for you. It’s liberating to have so much influence over the action, but don’t expect the game to cut corners merely to go from point A to point B faster. Afterschool Studio, the developer, wants you to feel the weight of your decisions, no matter how random they may seem.

To be honest, Cantata gets fairly interesting after you get over the first surge of information. Because of their own skills and unit types, the three sides seem distinct to play as, and Afterschool Studio has included some fascinating in-depth customization features, such as the ability to import your own sprites for troops and adjust individual unit behavior.

Cantata may not give the greatest first impression, but strategy enthusiasts will find plenty of benefits if they get to know it. All you have to do now is fight for them.

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“Cantata is a Rich Strategy Game That Requires Some Time and Patience” is the first sentence of “wayward game“. This game requires some time and patience to learn.

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