Book of Travels features Breath of the Wild-inspired cooking, food, and even moonshine

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Breath of the Wild-inspired? Is the author from Hyrule? If not, where is the inspiration coming from? As you can imagine, when you play a game like Breath of the Wild for a long time, what you see becomes an integral part of your way of thinking. Take Link per example: he sees the world in a way that still is new to him, one that he’s not used to. After decades of seeing the game, Link still finds new things, which he sees differently.

The Book of Travels, a new cooking and travel book, features Breath of the Wild-inspired cooking, food, and even moonshine. The book is written by Zelda and Link fan and YouTube sensation Liliana (aka GeeksPlayingGames) and is available from Amazon and other retailers. For more information, please visit

word-image-10002 We are fast approaching the launch of Book of Travels Chapter Zero in early access on the 9th. August, but until then… who’s hungry? Yes, the latest Might and Magic for Travelers developer blog is about food in the game and how to get it. When it comes to food, our approach is pleasantly conventional: Food and nutrients come via bread and vegetables, says the studio, which specifically cites Zelda, Breath of the Wild as inspiration. In terms of diversity and distribution, travellers will find many familiar faces. A socio-economic model has been applied, with pastoral regions like Crossroads consuming a lot of grain and bread, and coastal regions like Mir benefiting from a fish-rich diet (game designers should also take geography classes). The developers explain that you can buy all kinds of imported food in the big cities and markets, but there will be less of it in the countryside, which means you’ll have to get food or just get drunk….. Although wine is banned in some places, you can literally drink under the table. And yes, food plays a part in the game, and you will be able to cook it, though it seems Chapter Zero is still in development at the moment. But rest assured, there will be plenty of cute, quirky, disgusting and strange foods to choose from to feed your character, and vegetarians and vegans certainly won’t be left out. View

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