Today, if you want to play your favourite online game with your friends, you will have to communicate by text chat. Even if you do not prefer text chat, it is the most common way of communication in online games nowadays. But there is a new way to communicate: by voice. (Since voice chat exists in many games, this blog post will also be about voice chat, but the bottom line is that this blog post is about text chat, which is different from voice chat.)

What if you could eliminate all forms of verbal communication? This is the idea of a new video game called “Book of Travels” that sends players to a world hundreds of years into the future. It’s a world where players communicate by reading each others’ minds, reminiscent of the movie “Inception” or the television show “Lost”, and going there will let players experience a completely different world.

In a future that we are all already living in, video games are going to be dead. You can’t play competitive games like League of Legends or Counter-Strike because the players are too invested and will not communicate without text chat. But we have some good news: soon, games will be entirely played without text chat, and that’s a beautiful thing.


One of the many things that will distinguish the forthcoming Book of Travels different from other online RPGs is that it will not use text chat. Rather, Might and Delight is emulating its predecessor Meadow by implementing a comprehensive emote system to promote fundamental player interactions and collaboration, as detailed in a recent dev blog.

“You’ll be able to create intricate characters in Book of Travels and then cast them adrift to be someone else — free of the language and mentality of your daily self,” Might and Delight stated. “Your expanding emote library will expand your expressive skills, and we’re looking forward to seeing how players utilize additions to expand their methods of expressing themselves.”

Players will still desire text chat and voice choices, but instead of taking responsibility for providing those alternatives, Might and Delight is putting the burden on players and third-party apps: “Of course, many individuals will want to find spaces and locations to communicate with one another via text and voice, and we’ve had many requests for this. We are counting on you to accomplish just that.”

Early access for Book of Travels is set for August 30th, but don’t mark your calendars just yet – the studio has already postponed the debut three times.


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