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Biomutant is a fun and entertaining action RPG from the makers of Broken Age, and we are searching for locations of Googlide Wrekboxes across the game world of Biomutant. Here is an updated list of all known locations that we currently know of in the game. Note that we have not entered all of these Googlide Wrekboxes into the game yet, so some still remain to be found.

Biomutant is an open-world RPG that puts you into the role of a genetically modified human who is trying to save the world from an army of mutants. The game features a huge open world, hundreds of weapons and tools, and a deep experience system that lets you develop your character over time. These are the Biomutant Googlide Wrekbox Locations – Where to Find.

word-image-1528 Water quickly becomes your nemesis during biomutation hours. Their little furry legs are perfect for sushi, but they have trouble swimming. But you don’t have to awkwardly jump over a body of water and risk death, as you can unlock Googlide and even customize it with Wrekboxes found in some places around the world. Guglade is a version of Marine Maunt’s bio-mutant, released after completing the early stages of the Gulpa quest. It’s part of the main story, so you have to do it anyway, so making it a priority is a good idea. Once unlocked, you can hunt for Wrekbox locations. word-image-1529 word-image-1530 Most of the parts you’ll find in the wreckage of the Biomutant are cosmetic in nature, but you’ll need a suitable leveling machine to navigate certain parts of the water. Unfortunately, the parts you get seem to be random, so you’ll have to open several boxes before you get the coveted Tier 3 engine. Nevertheless, read on to find out where you can find them.

  • The Subnautica Station is probably the first Wrekbox you will find, as it is one of the first quests you do for Gulp. Found after a handful of riddles.
  • Gumquack Hollow – West of the Domp outpost, go through the cave, find the Wrekbox behind the big enemy.
  • Broken Boat – East of the Mitre Mop outpost, on an island near a large broken boat.
  • Bangshelter 2E – South of Porky Puff Place, in a radioactive area full of enemies. A protective suit is recommended.
  • Froskmosk is located on an island between the protected area 2G and the Bruga camp.
  • Brickbrack 3G – In a dilapidated building next to a large colored sign.
  • Manufacture – Inside the radioactive room, behind a door that must be opened with Clavbar. A protective suit is recommended.
  • Plums. Behind the stalagmite wall. To do this, you must complete the main quest with enough success to unlock the Mewt. mount that can break it.
  • Frozy Brickbreck – northwest of Clearway, in a building on a snowy property.

After Biomutant’s description of the Googlide Wrekbox location, also read our guides to the appearance of the Automaton and the Suburbia vault key. Follow video game news on Twitter , watch our videos on YouTube, like us on Facebook and join us on Discord.In this blog post, I am going to show you where to find the Wrekbox. The Wrekbox is a piece of equipment that will change the way you play Biomutant and allow you to get 2 extra boxes of DNA from the Biomutant shop at the end of each level. Once you have the Wrekbox, you can go back to the Biomutant shop and buy more DNA. The DNA is not needed to complete the game, but it is needed to unlock the last story mission. When you are ready to play Biomutant for the first time, you will need to start with the first story mission. Once you have finished that mission, you will see a cutscene where the game. Read more about biomutant mjut and let us know what you think.

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