TitanReach, the team behind the highly anticipated action MMORPG TitanReach, announced on their official website on Friday that they are suspending development on the game effective immediately. The developers cited “incompetency of the core development team” as the primary reason for the decision.

TitanReach, the name of an upcoming MMORPG that places you in the shoes of an elite Titan pilot, has suspended development after over $1.4 million has been lost in the crowdsale for the game. While the game itself has not launched, the developers are telling players that they are working on a fix to make the game playable.

TitanReach, a game that promised to take the world of Warhammer 40k into another dimension, has been suspended development. The developers have cited the impending release of Warhammer 40k: Freeblade as the major reason for the decision. The devs also stated that they were not comfortable releasing TitanReach as two games due to the fact that there would be weeks of development lulls between the two.


Exeunt TitanReach, sought by previous supporters who are disappointed that the game is no longer available. The game’s developers stated this week that production has been halted owing to a lack of money, implying that the packages sold since the game’s early access launch were insufficient to support further development. That isn’t to say that the situation can’t change, but given the history of crowdfunded games in similar circumstances, it’s very improbable.

Other beta-related news may be found below:

And now, I’ll leave you with the same words of wisdom that my grandpa left for me: Please let us know if anything skipped test stages in the comments, since our complete list of titles in testing is just below. My grandpa might be a little weird at times, but this turned out to be very helpful later in my life.


We consider an MMO to be in open testing if it offers free, public signups and will wipe servers before launch. If an MMO is in closed testing, it means it’s in a secret testing phase that can’t be accessible by the general public; it’s also typically under NDA. We will include early access and crowdfunded MMOs that pass our standards. We do not include so-called “open beta” soft-launch MMOs with cash shops, no indication of a western launch, or little interest for our readers; we also do not list expansions, with a few exceptions.

AdventureQuest 3D is now in open beta. Arcfall is a pre-alpha version of Arcfall. Alpha one of the Ashes of Creation Blankos Early access to Block Party Closed beta for Book of Travels Closed beta one for Camelot Unchained Children of Ur: Open Alpha combined with Eleven Chronicles of Elyria: Pre-Alpha merged with Children of Ur: Open Alpha merged with Eleven Chronicles of Elyria: Pre-Alpha merged with Eleven Chronicles of Elyria: Pre- Closed Beta for Cinderstone Online Alpha is the first installment in the City of Titans series. Closed alpha for Corepunk Early admission to Craftopia Open beta for Dauntless Early access to Dark and Light Diablo II is a role-playing game. Early access open beta has been resurrected. Is this a pre-alpha version of Dreamworld? Beta for both universes is available for a fee. Early access (ECO) Eleven: Alpha is now closed. Elyon is a closed beta game that will be released on September 29th. Beta Fractured: Enlisted: Frozen Flame Alpha: Closed Beta Gloria Victis is available as a beta (early access) on Steam. Early access to Inferna Kurtzpel: This is a closed beta. Early access, away from the line of defense Steam Closed alpha for Mortal Online 2 New World: Closed beta, September 28th launch Early access to Occupy White Walls Open beta for Osiris: New Dawn is now available. Early access to Outlaws of the Old West Pantheon: Pre-alpha backer Pathfinder Online: “Early enrollment” subscription Closed beta for Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Project Genom is no longer in alpha, and the servers are being restructured using SpatialOS. Early access beta for Project Gorgon Early access to Prosperous Universe Rise Online’s alpha is now available. Lucimia’s Saga: Closed Alpha SamuTale is a closed alpha version of SamuTale. Alpha and beta testing for Ship of Heroes will begin on August 7th. Skydome is currently in closed beta. Backer alpha for Star Citizen Early access open alpha for Starbase Temtem is a term that means “early access.” Early access alpha for The Black Death The Cycle: Alpha is closed. Early access alpha for The Repopulation TitanReach’s development has been halted. Valiance Online is currently in closed beta. Early access to Wild Terra 2 Pre-alpha zenith

betwatchavYes, MMO players, you, too, may engage in unpaid quality-control labor known as game testing! Every week, check out Massively Overpowered’s Betawatch for a list of MMOs that are still in the works, even if they seem to have taken up permanent residence in the shed known as early access.


TitanReach is a MMORPG currently in development by a Slovak team called Povazil Games. One of the main features of TitanReach is the use of a virtual currency called “GEMS”. In order to acquire GEMS, players can place bets on various PvP, PvE and other non-gambling events, and can win GEMS by placing the right bets. We’d like to point out that we’re not accusing Povazil Games of cheating or any such thing, and that we’re not saying that the big betwatches on the Betawatch: TitanReach site are not real bets. However, we think it’s important to point out that the TitanReach event system is not as robust. Read more about titanreach review and let us know what you think.

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