The Tombfist is one of Warframe’s coolest weapons, and today I’m going to show you how to build this bad boy. It’s not a difficult build, but I’ll be explaining each step along the way. So let’s get started!

A Tombfinger is a Warframe that can be used with the Tomb of the Archon quest, and can be obtained through the completion of this quest. The Tomb of Archon is a new quest introduced in the Plains of Eidolon update. It requires players to find the tomb to the Archon, and it’s a rather hard quest to complete.

The Tombfists are a pair of gloves worn by the Tenno. The Tenno’s are the ultimate warriors of the Lotus, the secret society behind the Grineer. They are genetically modified to be able to manipulate their own energy to form and control deadly weapons. The Tombfists are the most advanced Tenno weapons to date. The Tombfists were first introduced to the public in the year 2186, and are the most powerful hand-to-hand combat gloves currently in use in the entire solar system. The term Tombfists has become a popular term for describing any and all Tenno weapons, and is often used by the Tenno themselves.

The Tombfinger seems to be the most talked about kitgun in the game, and while many players love this secondary weapon, there are also voices that don’t like it at all. Some consider it the best choice for the kitgun, others consider it the worst choice among the four cameras. No matter where you are on the spectrum, the fact remains: The finger of the coffin inflicts radiation and piercing damage, and also inflicts guaranteed damage if hit. That should be enough to at least give Kitgun a chance. Although the game description states that it works like a rocket launcher, or at least looks very similar to the large projectiles in Catchmoon, it fires rather small and very accurate projectiles. They explode when they hit the first enemy, and theoretically you can damage and kill multiple enemies at once with a single explosion. In reality, this is somewhat problematic because the explosions have an inverted cone shape, meaning that the projectile explodes before the first target it hits. So try to focus on the last row of the enemy group if you want to use blast damage to your advantage.

  • Congenital radiation damage
  • Congenital perforation injury
  • Guaranteed protection against impacts
  • High Precision
  • No harm done.
  • Congenital radiation damage
  • Inverted cone explosions
  • Project interruption

Tombfinger Best Build

As with any kitgun, you can choose any grip and magazine. However, we recommend you use high damage and critical chance weapons, as range and fire rate are not as important with these weapons. You can also easily get a fairly high stat chance, as well as over 100% critical chance without sacrificing damage if you combine a Tombfinger chamber with a Haymaker handle and a Splat charge. While you could try building a kitgun for the maximum chance of gaining the stat, it seems that the reverse beam cone and damage reduction of choosing another device would make this secondary weapon much worse. Try it out and let us know your results in the comments below! Council: If you want to know more about the Undertaker and his skills, check out the wiki page.

Standard hybrid package

Tombfinger standard hybrid construction word-image-15589 word-image-15590 If you’re building Tombfinger for Critical Luck, you really need to use Primitive Target Breaker and Primitive Pistol Gambit (or the normal versions) to get the most out of your base values. The negative side of Magnum Force is somewhat noticeable, especially when trying to hit targets at a distance, but the positives are too strong to ignore the extra damage. You should also really add two +60% status chance mods to increase the status chance to over 70%, which should be enough to use when you need it. We recommend using Corrosive or Viral Damage, but you can choose whatever you like and enjoy. You might also consider choosing Hydraulic Crosshairs over Deadly Torrent if you want even higher crits. While there is nothing special about this build, it is just a very decent and excellent option if you choose our kitgun build. Don’t forget to customize your mod build to the parts you want to combine with the Tombfinger camera.


The Tombfinger seems to have a lot of potential, but the fact that the blast damage is directed forward at your first target doesn’t make this weapon the best choice for many players. Also, it’s not intuitive to aim for the back rows rather than the front or middle of a group of monsters, which would be the optimal way to play with this kitgun. So even though Thunderfinger has very high damage, it’s just weird to play sometimes. If you don’t mind, you have an excellent representative of Kitgun. If you think you’ve found a better configuration or we’ve overlooked important information, please leave a comment below!The best TombFinger Build is the one that works for you. Whether you’re a new player or a veteran, you can build the best possible Warframe to suit your needs. Here are some tips to get you started.. Read more about catchmoon build and let us know what you think.

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