Best League of Legends champions for low Elo

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League of Legends (LoL) is a game that requires a lot of practice and coordination, especially if you’re new to the game. If you’re new or just not that good at the game, then you might find it hard to find a champion that you want to play. That is where the LCS comes in. The LCS is a competition where teams from around the world go up against each other to see who has the best team composition. The best teams from each region go to a special league called the LCS. This is a great way to get great practice and learn the best champions for your playstyle.

In League of Legends, everyone starts at level 1. This is called “Elo Hell”. However, there are many Champion Guides that exist by the time players reach level 30, and one of the most popular is Mobafire . The Mobafire guide allows players to jump into a brand new game with a group of friends and a fully equipped Champion, and their guide can help a player reach their lowest skill level, from which they proceed to gain levels by playing the game.

League of Legends is a complex game, and there are a lot of champions to choose from. But, for players on a low elo, there are a number of champions that are low maintenance and perform well in the current meta. The champions below are champions that are not very popular but still provide a lot of value, and you can use them to climb into the higher elo with relative ease.

So, I know a lot of you struggle to win games at low Elo and can’t seem to rise no matter how hard you try. One of the main causes of this unpleasant scenario is playing heroes who are too mechanically demanding for your current skill level. To assist you, I’m going to share with you my own list of the five greatest League of Legends champions for low Elo, in order to help you rise quicker and more comfortably.


Annie is one of the game’s simplest and most powerful burst control mages. You’ll be able to punish your opponent with auto-attacks every time they attempt to last-hit a minion since she’s one of the champions with the greatest auto-attack range in the lane.

Another amazing feature of Annie is how simple it is to farm with her, given that anytime you last hit a minion with your Q, you reclaim 100% of the mana spent to cast it. When it comes to killing minions, you’ll never run out of mana. In situations when you won’t be able to snowball from kills, having a high minion kills per minute can enable you to stay up with, if not outrun, your opponents and become stronger.

Annie’s combination does not require any prior knowledge. Simply stated, you cast abilities until you have four stacks, at which point you may stun your opponent with your next cast. With either Q or R, you may go all-in. It’s a simple combination, and since your Q is a targeted ability, it’s hard to miss if you’re in range.

Annie scales well with items, so if you have one or two, you have the ability to utterly wipe out any mid-lane champion if you can just get to them. Because her abilities have short cooldowns, if you utilized your combination in a different way and didn’t kill your opponent, you’ll have another opportunity shortly.

When it comes to roaming and baiting, this amazing champion is a force to be reckoned with. You may opt to reach level 6, hard push the lane, then use your ultimate to roam around the map searching for picks. Alternatively, you may block opponent view by waiting in a bush where you believe the adversary would pass by; if done correctly, your target will not have enough time to react and counter your combination. It will be a simple kill if you already have the necessary items.

Annie is a very simple League of Legends champion that can be played by anybody at any Elo level, even newcomers.

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In League of Legends, Amumu is one of the simplest tanks-slash-mages to play. Amumu’s combination is fairly straightforward: you press Q (which is your sole skillshot) and then use your W and E abilities to finish it off.

Amumu’s ultimate is one of the greatest in the game for team fighting since it immobilizes everyone within a certain range, thus if you can find yourself in a position to utilize it on several opponents, you can easily set your team up for victory.

Whether you play AP or tank, Amumu scales well with gear. You’ll either be a rock or a one-shot machine after one or two critical items, and by the mid- or late-game stage, you should be ahead of the majority of your opponents.

Ganks with Amumu are very simple if you have a laner who can follow up on your Q. If your laner is pushed in and the enemy doesn’t appreciate your presence, a dive with your ult may easily be completed, leading in several free kills.

Amumu-1024x576Best LOL Champions for Low ESO Riot Games provided this image.


Malphite is another easy tank/magician League of Legends champion to play at any level. He’s a “rock” in every sense of the word, and he scales well with tank equipment. He can easily serve as an unkillable frontliner, but he also scales well with AP items, allowing him to do some decent burst damage.

In terms of playstyle, it’s entirely up to you or your team’s tastes. Malphite is played in lane in a very straightforward manner. You typically use the Arcane Comet rune and attempt to abuse your opponent as much as possible with your Q.

You’ll have a better chance of scoring Comet strikes for additional damage since your Q slows the opponent. Because Malphite lacks mana early in the game, you should only utilize Q while the Arcane Comet is active. If you’re up against a ranged champion, you’ll have a hard time farming minions, so simply remain in range of EXP and last-hit with your Q.

If you’re playing against a melee champion, utilizing your W (Empowered Autos) and E in a duel offers you a good chance of out-trading them. Because this is the stage of the game when you are most helpful, killing becomes simpler with your ultimate. You may either teleport and roam with your ultimate to finish off your opponent in lane, or you can be helpful elsewhere and attempt to telepor-gank and roam with your ultimate for free kills. In any case, you’ll contribute to your team’s success.

Overall, Malphite is a simple and strong League of Legends champion who, even if he sits back and plays passively for extended periods of time, can still be helpful and turn the game around with his ultimate.

Malphite-1024x576Malphite LoL Riot Games provided this image.


Jax is a powerful duelist champion in League of Legends, whether you’re a low-Elo player or not. When playing against a melee champion, Jax is very flexible, and you can usually out-trade them since your E not only stuns but also blocks their abilities.

If you’re playing against a ranged champion that puts a lot of pressure on you, or a tough matchup in general, you can simply farm comfortably and split-push as you become stronger than those champions in the late game.

You may either gather with your team and seek for a team battle, or you can apply pressure in the side lanes and either ensure objectives for your teammates or make the opponents lose something for capturing those objectives, depending on the path of the game.

In both situations, Jax shines. Overall, he’s a straightforward champion with simple mechanics that can adapt to any game phase.

Jax-1024x576Jax LoL Riot Games provided this image.


Kayle is the last but not least. Kayle isn’t as simple to play as the other low-Elo League of Legends champions on our list, but he’s just as powerful.

One of the most important things to remember while playing Kayle is to farm safely and just live till level 6. You’ll receive your ultimate and marksman ranges at this time. Why are you doing this? It will be tough to outdamage most champions in the early game unless you play against a melee tank.

Once you reach 6, you may use autos and your E (Empowered Autos) to take out your opponent and play a little more aggressively now that you have your ultimate (invulnerability and damage). Kayle scales well with things, so after you have your two core items, you should be able to easily win one-on-one battles.

Kayle-1024x576Kayle LoL Riot Games provided this image.

From the third auto-attack onwards, when you achieve level 11 with Kayle, you get greater range and area-of-effect fire waves. They do incredible damage and assist you in cleaning waves quicker.

You, like Jax, may play as a split-pusher or use your ultimate, which does outrageous damage, to assist your teammates win battles. Kayle is a champion that can constantly pull ahead of her opponents owing to how simple it is to acquire high minion kills, thus whether you are feeding in kills or not, you can still be stronger than everyone else in the late game thanks to her ability set.

If you reach level 16, when fire waves follow every auto-attack and you acquire maximum auto-attack range, the game is essentially over for the opposing team. You can occasionally battle 1v5 and pull off insane wipes if you manage to reach to this point of the game and play effectively. Kayle actually causes a lot of harm.

That is all there is to it! That concludes my list of the top League of Legends champions for low Elo, and I hope it proves useful to you!

When it comes to League of Legends, it’s hard to find a champion that fits into every role. You need a tank, a DPS, and an initiator to succeed in the mid and late game. Then, you need a high damage dealer and a utility champion to keep your team alive and carry you to victory. (and yes, the team is the more important part than the individual). Read more about league of legends tier list maker and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best champions to carry low ELO?

The best champions to carry low ELO are usually those that have good base stats and a lot of utility.

What are the best champs to climb ELO?

The best champs to climb ELO are usually those with high base stats, such as Anivia and Ezreal.

Is Vladimir good in low Elo?

Vladimir is a very strong champion in low Elo, but he can be countered by champions such as Yasuo or Zed.

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