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Synths are one of the most iconic Warframe weapons because of their ability to adjust to almost any play style. But what is it that makes these weapons so versatile? For the most part, this is because they are not purely melee weapons, since they can be equipped with different attachments, ranging from trinkets to mods. One such addition is the Gaze Mod, a very versatile mod that allows you to hit enemies from a distance with a strong beam. In this article, we will learn how to equip a Gaze Mod and what effect it will have on your stats.

Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter for PlayStation 4. The game revolves around a group of interstellar travelers called Tenno that use their unique abilities to fight off a sinister alien invasion, called the Grineer.

In the year 2021, after the colossal discovery of a moon and planet hidden behind the solar system, the mega-corporation Solarus Corporation was founded to mine minerals and resources from the moon. This corporation later was involved in the war between Earth and the Grineer, and in the war between the Grineer and Corpus. Solarus Corporation eventually conquered both the Corpus and Grineer, and it is currently a major corporation that dominates the Solar System.

Gaze is one of four kitgun rooms that determine how you will build and use your secondary weapon. It has innate beam damage and also decent penetration damage, combined with innate penetration and the ability to attach a beam to two other enemies within range. It’s also the only kitgun whose range depends on the grip used (while the other three have grip-specific fire rates). This is also the main reason why making a mesh kit gun is not as easy and obvious as it seems: There are some pretty strong versions, but they lack the scope to be good. Although you can find a long distance option which unfortunately is not competitive in terms of damage. In this guide, we will try to give you the best possible solution and explain the selection of mods that are best for Gaze.

  • Congenital radiation damage
  • Different areas are possible
  • Congenital puncture wound
  • High Precision
  • Tie 2 opponents to themselves
  • Continuing radiation damage
  • Congenital perforation injury
  • Congenital radiation damage
  • Different areas are possible
  • The effects of the particles sometimes suppress

Best Look Construction

To create your look, you can choose from two ways: If you want a distance weapon, it’s best to go for the Gibber handle, which gives you a range of 41 yards, but significantly reduces the damage you inflict. So choosing a charger based on critical luck is not worth it at all, because doubling down on a small amount of damage seems like a waste of time. Instead, it’s better to choose Ramflare, which greatly increases your chances of gaining status. The second idea is to increase the damage and use Haymaker with Gaze and Splat as charges. So you get a decent amount of base damage combined with a high chance of a critical hit, but you only have to work with a range of 22 yards. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which version you prefer – some people like to play melee, while others tend to stay away from all the potential damage.

Damage Creta Construction

word-image-15516 word-image-15517 In this build, we will use a combination of Haymaker + Splat. Weapon customization is pretty easy, and you really want Hornet Strike in every secondary weapon. Primed Target Cracker and Primed Pistol Gambit combine very well with our Critical Chance build. As you can see in the image above, you can achieve 111.9% critical chance, which gives you a lot of damage. Even if you don’t have the best critical chance, adding two mods for +60% status chance is very beneficial, because the continuous damage from the ray still does damage with almost 40% status chance. We recommend using Corrosion or Viral damage to take on high level enemies and/or armor. Magnum Force is also excellent here because Gaze has great accuracy, so the negative effects of this mod are not very noticeable. Although the extra multi-shot of Cannon Diffusion and Deadly Torrent do not affect your chances of gaining status, since Blick uses a continuous damage beam, your damage is still significantly increased.

Full status Construction view

Completed construction status word-image-15518 word-image-15519 For this build we chose a combination of Gaze, Ram Torch, and Gibber that gives you a great base stat chance. You can even use the above build and get a decent critical chance, but if you’re looking for a state chance in your kitgun build, you should probably at least try a build with a full state chance. To do this, simply use the four mods to gain a +60% status chance and arrange them so that they do corrosive or viral damage. If you choose corrosion damage, you also get explosion damage, which is a great way to get extra crowd control, especially since your damage beam can reach other enemies within a meter of your current target. Here you have a 100% chance of getting a stat that allows you to pump up your weapon with every damage tic. You’ll need Hornet Strike and Magnum Force to boost your damage stats, as well as as as many multishots as possible. Even though the kitgun we collected above doesn’t do enough damage, sometimes it’s better to have a status chance – for example, when you need to melt enemies with high armor or when you’re fighting the Profit-Taker orb.


While Gaze can do satisfactory damage and kill high-level enemies, this kitgun seems to have the most problems of all the cameras available: Since you have to decide if you want to bring range or damage into the fight, you’ll never be completely satisfied with your Gaze build. But if you don’t mind a little experimentation, or if you already use a lot of short-range weapons (like shotguns), you can easily have fun with mesh. Just make sure you use a good build mod. If you have your own ideas or if you find an error in our guide, don’t hesitate to send us a comment!If you’re looking for the best Warframe Gaze Builds for Warframe’s new 5.5 update, you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, you’ll learn how and why to build your Warframe to have a higher chance at a successful Gaze Build.. Read more about warframe gaze primary and let us know what you think.

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