Battle Cats: Pizza Cat Guide

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This is a guide for people who are interested in playing the game Battle Cats . This is an all-new game based on the Japan-only anime of the same name. The game was released back in 2015 for PC, Mac, and Linux.

It’s Pizza Cat’s birthday, and you’ve come up with a great idea–a Battle Cats game, where you will be playing as the most beloved feline, Pizza Cat!

After being one of the most popular social games in 2016 on iOS and Android and a hit kitty by real-life cat Pajama Sam, the developers of one of the most popular mobile games have come up with a new one. Battle Cats: Pizza Cat Guide is a strategy game that has the get me-down factor of a board game. The game takes place in a fantasy world where a cat hero named Pizza Cat, a feline fiesta, and a cat chef are battling in different cities of the world.

How many of you have pondered which cat in Battle Cats is the greatest, or if the Pizza Cat is the best? So, to allay your fears, I’ve created a tutorial for this incredibly adorable game called Battle Cats. So, a pizza-eating cat? This may seem strange at first, but wait until you see its incredible power. All of your questions will be addressed after reading this guide. So go ahead and dig in!

Is Pizza Cat the best or is he just good at Battle Cats?

pizza cats guide and walkthrough

This tutorial will go over all of the characteristics of this hungry waif who can’t seem to stay away from a slice of pepperoni. These will include themes such as:

What Is The Pizza Cat’s Real Purpose?

The Weightlifter Cat is a cat in this game that you should all be aware of. The Pizza Cat is just a Catfruit-evolved Weightlifter Cat that has reached level 30. Trust me, the cat described as “the world’s greatest junk-food lover about to receive an unpleasant surprise when he notices they missed the extra anchovies.” Black takes a lot of damage in a big area.” isn’t your typical one. It is the real form of the Weightlifter Cat, and it is a chubby cat wearing obviously too tiny clothing. He wears a pass around his neck and holds four pizzas piled on top of each other. While assaulting, he drops the pizzas and eats “a few nibbles.” Doesn’t that sound adorable? Check out his combat stats first.


What Makes The Pizza Cat So Special? (Talents)

Overall, Pizza Cat is a great anti-Black cat. Pizza Cat will destroy any black cat formation if properly supported, doing 62,900 damage to black foes at Level 30 with 100 percent Void Fruit. Due to his enhanced HP, standing range, and knockback count, he has considerably greater survivability in his True Form. Black opponents take a lot of damage from the Pizza Cat. He possesses a lot of health and DPS, as well as a high attack rate.

Stats of Combat

Good health (Lv.30) 33150
Attack Strength (Lv.30) 15725
Range of Attack 270
Frequency of Attack 121 °F (4.03 seconds)
The Rate of Movement 6
Knockback 4 times
Animation of an attack 18f 0.6s (backswing 103f 3.43s)
Time to Recharge – – – – – – – – – – –
DPS 3,899
Type of Attack Damage to the surrounding area

When you compare the aforementioned statistics to those of other cats, you’ll see that they’re nowhere near as impressive as the Pizza Cat’s. And that concludes the fundamental level 30 statistics. Can you image how much damage it can do at level 50 and up?


Costs of Super Rare Cat Upgrades

You’re probably aware that the Pizza cat belongs to the super-rate cat group. These cats have a certain starting stat and a predictable upgrading cost pattern. Knowing this will help you justify your improvements. Upgrades from Levels 30-49 cost 1 Catseye, whereas upgrades from Levels 45-49 cost 2 Catseye. For further information, see the following table:

  0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  
0x 0 8,200 12,400 17,800 24,800 42,400 64,500 93,000 148,000 298,000 709,100
1x 12,500 16,400 24,800 35,600 49,600 84,800 129,000 186,000 296,000 596,000 1,430,700
2x 18,750 24,600 37,200 53,400 74,400 127,200 193,500 279,000 444,000 894,000 2,146,050
3x 21,875 28,700 43,400 62,300 86,800 148,400 225,750 325,500 518,000 1,043,000 2,503,725
4x 25,000 32,800 49,600 71,200 99,200 169,600 258,000 372,000 592,000 1,192,000 2,861,400
Cost of XP in Total 9,650,975

Pizza Cat Information and Advice

  • The Pizza Cat is a member of the Nuker class.
  • He may be used as both an anti-black and a mid-range attacker.
  • Gets attack bonuses as well as the ability to generate shockwaves.
  • He can snipe back-liners like Tackey, Lenoir, and Director Kurosawa, as well as tank-type black opponents like Dark Otter.
  • Usually remains in the shadows of the frontrunners.
  • He’s got great crowd control skills.
  • Upgrading costs $1,820.
  • Upgrading from level 30 to level 44 costs 1 Catseye, while upgrading from level 45 to 49 costs 2 Catseyes.

So now you know all there is to know about the Pizza Cat. What are your thoughts about him? If you adore him, please share your views with us. Some fans request that I write about their favorite Pizza Cat on a regular basis. So here’s my two cents on the subject. I’ll be returning with more entertaining tutorials only for you. Take care and have a great day!


Battle Cats is a game where you play as a cat and use a slingshot to launch cheeseburgers at your opponents. This game is very simple and easy to play, and its main goal is to make you feel the thrill of a battle. If you are looking for a great game that doesn’t require a lot of skill, then this is the game for you.. Read more about dancer cat battle cats and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pizza Cat good battle cats?

Pizza Cat is a good battle cat.

Why is cameraman Cat so good?

Cameraman Cat is a cat that has been trained to film videos.

What is the most damaging Cat in Battle Cats?

The most damaging Cat in Battle Cats is the Dark Cat.

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