Back 4 Blood Holly guide and best cards

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Back 4 blood holly is the new game that has been released for the Xbox One. It is a battle game where you need to beat the other people in your team. There are a lot of people who are playing this game and they want to learn how to play. Here are the strategies and tips that you can follow to beat your opponents.

Blood Holly is a collectable card game that is based on playing as the undead. The game plays out over a series of rounds. On each round you play cards from your hand, attack the enemy and, if you beat them, you win. The game is fast and fun, and is a great way to unwind from a stressful day. However, with a game as simple as this, it can be easy to overlook the vital cards that you need to make your deck.

Last year we decided to create a guide for Blood Flower that was not only for beginners but also for experienced players to help them get a better win rate. Since then, the guide has been both updated and expanded. We have also added new questions to the guide that we have been asked about in our weekly surveys. This year, we are returning to our roots, and are adding the Blood Holly pre-release guide to the guide.. Read more about back 4 blood hoffman and let us know what you think.

Cleaners are a group of playable characters in Back 4 Blood. Holly is one of the most iconic Cleaners, usually in the front with her spiked baseball bat Dottie, clearing a path through the Ridden. Here’s everything you need to know about playing Holly in Back 4 Blood, including the best cards to add to her deck.

How to Act Like Holly

Holly is a vivacious young lady who enjoys murdering Ridden. Her family went to Ridden when a Devil Worm epidemic spread across her hometown, so she had nothing to lose. This background translates into three benefits in terms of gameplay:

  • When Holly kills a Ridden, she gains 10 stamina.
  • She possesses a 10% damage resistance bonus.
  • She bestows +25 team stamina on her whole squad.

Overall, Holly is one of Back 4 Blood’s most tenacious Cleaners. She can now take on Ridden at close range, sprinting from one end of the battlefield to the other to crush some brains, thanks to her improved damage resistance and endurance.

Dottie, Holly’s loyal bat, is her first line of defense. Her bonuses facilitate close-range fighting, and her starting weapon reflects this. Running to the melee and swinging Dottie about is the greatest way to play Holly. Holly, on the other hand, should always carry a rifle as a backup weapon to deal with tougher opponents she wouldn’t want to engage in close combat with, such as Bruisers.

Back-4-Blood-Holly-DeckBack 4 Blood Holly cards deck SQUAD took this screenshot.

Holly’s best cards

Holly’s strongest cards are those that increase her melee attack, stamina, and overall resistance. Holly may become nearly unstoppable at close range and plow through opponents with ease if she has the right cards.

The following are Holly’s top offensive cards right now:

  • Sunder: Melee strikes deal 20 percent more damage to the victim for 5 seconds.
  • Hold LMB with melee weapons to explode forward with a heavy attack charge. Charge attacks have a 100 percent damage boost. It’s worth noting that Dottie’s third charged strike in a combination is a downward smash, which may miss opponents unless they’re in your sights.
  • Confident Killer: When you or your squad kills a Mutation, you receive 2% more damage (up to 100%) until the level ends.
  • Melee attacks targeting weak areas cause +20 extra stumble damage.
  • Berserker: For each melee kill in the previous four seconds, get 10% melee damage, 10% melee speed, and 5% movement speed.
  • Batter Up: Increased melee damage by 50% and increased health by 5%.
  • Spiky Bits: Increased melee damage by 25%, increased damage resistance by 10% when wielding a melee weapon, and reduced ammunition capacity by 20%.
  • Mean Drunk: Increases melee damage by 75%, and melee attacks force opponents to cleave through you, inflicting damage across a wide area. If you choose this card, be aware that sprint will be disabled.
  • Meth Head: This card’s name is a misnomer since it provides +40% melee attack speed and +40% melee stamina efficiency. Your melee strikes are no longer effective against strong opponents. Aim-down sights are disabled when you use this card, which isn’t a huge problem for a melee-focused character like Holly, particularly if you’re also using Motorcycle Helmet.
  • Slugger gains an additional 5% health, 10% melee efficiency, and 20% melee attack speed.

Back-4-Blood-Draw-CardBack 4 Blood draw cards SQUAD took this screenshot.

The following are the best defensive cards for Holly right now:

  • Second Chance: 1 more life and 5 additional health
  • Vanguard: Melee speed is increased by 10%. Melee kills give surrounding teammates 1 temporary health.
  • Face Your Fears: Whenever you kill a Ridden within 2 meters, you get 3 temporary health.
  • Ignore the Pain: While wielding a melee weapon, receive 20% damage resistance against Mutations.
  • True Grit: Heal 8 health over 5 seconds after you suffer a single blow for 15 or more damage.
  • Take 1 less damage from all Ridden if you have Scar Tissue.
  • Melee kills heal two health points.
  • Damage resistance is increased by 25% while wearing a motorcycle helmet. Aim-down sights are disabled when this card is used.
  • +10% damage protection for motorcycle jackets.
  • Durable: + 15% trauma resistance and +5% overall health.

The following are the greatest Holly mobility cards presently available:

  • Superior Cardio: Increased stamina by 20%, sprint efficiency by 20%, and overall health by 5%.
  • Energy Bar: Increased stamina by 20% and increased health by 5%.
  • When you take a hit that does 10 or more damage, you gain 20% movement speed for 3 seconds.
  • Cross Trainers increase stamina by 20%, stamina regen by 20%, movement speed by 3%, and health by 5%.

Even if they aren’t unique to Holly, cards with a team impact are usually useful. Mandatory PT, for example, gives the whole squad a 10% boost in stamina, which is a fantastic stat to have for Holly.

Keep in mind that the more cards in your deck you have, the less likely you are to draw the card you desire early in the game. Because there is no minimum deck size, be careful to only choose your best cards to prevent getting useless cards.

More Back 4 Blood guides will be coming soon to SQUAD!

Back 4 Blood Holly is an awesome mix of FPS, RPG and Strategy that combines modern day weapons and tactics with fantasy RPG-lite elements. The game is a really fun FPS set in a completely hand-drawn fantasy world, with tons of clever puzzles and traps that you’ll need to think through and figure out before you can progress. It’s a little bit east-meets-west, and is a great game to try out if you like the idea of both FPS and RPG mixed in with your action.. Read more about walker back 4 blood and let us know what you think.

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