Atlas successfully wiped ahead of season 9, with ‘industrial wonder’ content now live

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Atlas started as a classic RPG game, but quickly evolved into a series of live events with various objectives and ways to achieve them. Season 9 has been the most ambitious season yet, introducing an industrial wonder that players are already fighting over on Atlas’ front page.

The “atlas game update 2022” was the first major content update for Atlas in Season 9. The new industrial wonder content is now live, and players have been having a lot of fun exploring the new maps.


So, along with the HYPE WIPE, we were meant to receive Atlas’ season 9 release last week. OK, we were the only ones who named it that, and we were being sarcastic. In any case, none of those events took place. Studio Wildcard and Grapeshot Games announced at the last minute that the patch will be delayed for a week due to a “unanticipated incident.”

The delay has an upside: the team had intended to remove the Industrial Wonder material from the patch last week. Because of the delay, it was able to be included with the remainder of the update as anticipated. Just don’t get too excited; “industrial wonder” is nothing more than rusty corrugated beach hut lab textures that seem to be only appropriate for producing meth. That isn’t a remark or an insult.

“The clouds have gone and the waters have calmed, making the circumstances perfect for the opening of the season!” This update will include the Industrial Wonder structures and buildings, in addition to the various improvements and extra material stated last week. New technologies are said to be changing the form of Atlas, according to Pathfinders. These breakthroughs are now accessible for everyone to see. Pathfinders will go to new regions and reach new heights thanks to advances in astronomy, shipbuilding, and other fields.”

Aside from these excellent rusted shacks, the servers have been wiped, a new Maw Waters area has been added, and there are a slew of new minibosses.

Atlas was first announced in 2018 as an MMORPG sandbox capable of supporting up to 40,000 people per server. It’s still in early access, so only around a tenth of that is still playing at the same time.


The “atlas market not working” is the new in-game store that has been released for Atlas. The store allows players to purchase items such as weapons, armor, and cosmetics with credits.

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