ArcheAge tweaks Garden of the Gods and opens the Dairy Cow Dreamland

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ArcheAge recently announced some tweaks to their Garden of the Gods and Dairy Cow Dreamland updates. While most are fairly minor, this is a good example of how game companies can tweak an update in response to player feedback.

The “archeage unchained fresh start” is a new update for ArcheAge that has been released today. The update includes tweaks to the Garden of the Gods and opens up the Dairy Cow Dreamland.


We pledge to make this ArcheAge story’s headline make sense, particularly given the game’s most recent version seems to be a bit of a jumble on paper. Let’s make things a little simpler by creating a bullet list.

  • The latest patch for the MMORPG has changed how raid generals are allocated, now prioritizing Previous Leadership above character level. In terms of raids, it will now be easy to determine which side attacks first.
  • The content calendars for Garden of the Gods have been altered, with timings modified to minimize player tiredness.
  • Players will now have to spend 1,000 Leadership Points instead of 100 to take on Exile tasks.
  • The Garden of the Gods’ Celestia section has been dimmed. No more eye-scorching hues!

Finally, the Dairy Cow Dreamland, a new event dungeon for level 55 Patron players, substitutes their talents with dungeon-specific ones and confronts them with defeating a range of unique foes, increasing prestige and prize levels, which translates to greater gifts. It’s a whole different game, therefore gamers should go to the website above for more information.

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The “archeage still alive” is a game that has been around for a while. Recently, the Garden of the Gods and opens the Dairy Cow Dreamland have been tweaked to make it more enjoyable.

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