Apex Legends: Newcastle, the Newest Legend Explained

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There are currently six Legends that can be found in Apex Legends. This article will explain the newest addition to the roster, Newcastle and what makes him so unique

The “apex legends season 8” is the newest and most recent addition to the Apex Legends game. This article will explain what it means for players, as well as how you can get started with this new legend.

Another day, another season of Apex Legends, the popular first-person shooter. Respawn has hit it out of the park with another major release of wonderful material for us to dig our teeth into, which was released on May 10th earlier this month. Newcastle, the newest legend, is the most thrilling piece of new material.

This delightful character, a defensive legend, delivers revolutionary new powers to the battlefield with a broad grin on his face. But who exactly is Newcastle? What exactly are his new abilities? And, most importantly, does he own any decent cosmetics?

In today’s Apex Legends: Newcastle’s Newest Legend is Expounded segment, we’ll go through all of this and more.

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Newcastle’s Newest Legend is Expounded

So, without further ado, let’s get to work on the piece!

Character Description

Apex-Legends-5_15_2022-10_51_34-AM-1024x683 Character Description of newcastle in apex legends Koby Gibson Ross / Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts through HGG

Let’s start by giving you a quick rundown of Newcastle’s background. His true name is Jackson Williams, and he served in the IMC military with his sister, Bangalore Williams. That’s correct! Bangalore has been seeking for her long-lost brother, Newcastle, since the commencement of the Apex Games.

Newcastle violated his superiors’ instructions because he believed they were waging a lost war. As you might guess, going rogue like that attracts a lot of attention. So Newcastle pretended to die in a ship explosion and ran away from his former life–and his sister Bangalore. He relocated to a tiny village remote from the conflict, where he remained while Bangalore pursued him.

A gang of troublemakers known as the Forgotten Families wreaked havoc on the town one day. They assassinated the town’s indebted sheriff, and Newcastle took up his armor as he died. He went on to become a legend in the Apex Games, which is where his narrative begins off.

This information was gathered from the Apex Legends Wiki, and you can learn more about this fascinating character and his past by visiting chevalier.


Apex-Legends-5_15_2022-10_52_49-AM-1024x683 Abilities Koby Gibson Ross / Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts through HGG

And now for the most exciting part of our article for Apex Legends: Newcastle’s Newest Legend is Expounded. Newcastle’s abilities! Newcastle is a defensive legend. This means that his skill set is based around protecting himself and his squadmates from enemy fire, which can be accomplished with a variety of different abilities.

Retrieve The Wounded (Passive)

You may pull one of your fallen comrades with you when you try to revive them, enabling you to transfer them to cover. You also have access to a unique shield that protects you and the person you’re reviving from hostile fire while you do so. This is probably the closest we’ll ever come to using Lifeline’s revive shield.

Mobile Shield – Tactical

Newcastle will launch an energy shield that will shelter you from enemy fire while enabling you to shoot from behind it if you click the tactical button. What makes this shield unique is that it also serves as a mobile cover! It will automatically travel to where you were aiming when you clicked the tactical button when you deploy it. If you press it a second time, the shield will shift to a new spot. This is fantastic for moving foes around!

Castle Wall – The Ultimate

His ultimate ability enables him to jump a considerable distance into the air before smashing back down to a nearby spot, keeping with his function as a defensive legend. He will create a series of mechanical barriers to shield himself and his comrades from incoming harm as he landed. These barriers are very quick to deploy and have a total health of 750.

Newcastle utilizes the Fortified perk in addition to these skills. This implies he is 15 percent less vulnerable to hostile fire. He is also impervious to bullets slowing him down.

Newcastle is an excellent legend to get if you prefer playing defense and backing your friends. Allow your buddies to remain on the front lines so that you may provide cover when they need it and/or bring them back to safety if they are downed. His ultimate allows him to re-group with your team if they are in front of you and in need of assistance.


Apex-Legends-5_15_2022-10_47_41-AM-1024x683 Newcastle Cosmetics Koby Gibson Ross / Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts through HGG

I couldn’t forgive myself if I ignored the most vital part of playing a new character in Apex Legends… The make-up!

Sure, abilities are great and all, but who cares how you can support your team if you can’t look good while doing it? Before we end our article for Apex Legends: Newcastle’s Newest Legend is Expounded, let’s briefly go over some of his legendary skins!

The Valiant Defender legendary skin is my personal favorite of Newcastle’s legendary skins. This is a steel and blue-colored armor combination that looks fantastic together and nicely matches Newcastle’s aesthetics. Furthermore, the model’s default skin embraces his knight motif even more than his default skin.

Apex-Legends-5_15_2022-10_47_36-AM-1024x683 Green Mosaic Koby Gibson Ross / Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts through HGG

His Green Mosiac skin is another excellent choice. This famous skin is dark gray and yellowish-green. It modifies his armor while maintaining his knightly appearance. This skin’s helmet is very cool since it makes him appear more frightening than his normal skin.

Participate in The High Ground!

And with that, our article for Apex Legends: Newcastle’s Newest Legend is Expounded comes to a close. What do you think of the newest legend? Let us know!

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Have fun gaming!

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“Apex Legends: Newcastle, the Newest Legend Explained” is a blog post that explains what the new Legend in Apex Legends is. The article includes information on how to unlock and play as this new Legend. Reference: apex mobile release date.

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