Since launching, the New World has been plagued with issues, but Amazon is getting ready to deliver its first patch offline. It’s likely that this update will be to fix the stability and/or performance issues the servers have been experiencing. It’ll be interesting to see what changes Amazon makes.

Amazon today announced that the New World has crashed, and that the servers are down until further notice. Amazon has begun working to resolve the issues, and Amazon CTO Werner Vogels has posted a number of updates about what they’re doing to address the problems as a result. Vogels says they’re working hard to identify and solve the problems, and that they’ve been in constant communication with the New World developers.

The new Amazon Appstore version of New World is now available to download from the old New World Android app. I’ve had a chance to play it a bit and it seems a few bugs are still present, but it’s a solid improvement.. Read more about new world delayed again and let us know what you think.


Amazon Games has sent a message to New World testers on the game’s current status and upcoming improvements.

“Over the weekend, we produced multiple test builds and identified the issue with the help of a few servers,” Amazon’s Scot Lane explains. “As of Monday am Pacific Time, we have the whole service operating with that revised, far more reliable code,” he adds. “We know there are still a few more unusual crashes that may happen, and we’re working on those as well.”

“Due to the tremendous demand we’ve seen thus far, our first focus has been server reliability and global availability. We’re able to pivot and concentrate on fixing bugs and exploits that have emerged in Closed Beta now that we’re becoming more comfortable with stability and availability. We have a significant number of game patches on the way, many of which target vulnerabilities that are presently being utilized. We anticipated some of these issues, and it is our aim to address them throughout the beta — we are already working to resolve the issues that have emerged. After launch, we’ll take a different approach to exploits: they’ll be the top priority things to repair, and we’ll take action against accounts found utilizing known vulnerabilities. This will entail the reversal or elimination of any gains made by individuals who exploited or profited from their use. We recognize the need of a fair playing field for all participants in New World.”


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Amazon just recently patched the ‘New World’ version of their online game, and while it remains in beta, it is a major step in the right direction. When the game launched, glitches were a serious problem, causing a number of account suspensions because of poor stability. Amazon addressed the problem by improving the overall stability of the game, fixing the exploit that allowed some users to crash the servers, and adding a few other tweaks that improve the game’s stability overall.. Read more about new world cancelled and let us know what you think.

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