All New Maps in Halo Infinite Season 2

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Halo Infinite is back with a new season of maps. This time around, 343i has incorporated player feedback and made some significant changes to the map design process. With all-new maps being released next month, now seems like an appropriate moment for players to get in on the action as well!

The “halo infinite season 2 new maps” is a new map that will be featured in the upcoming Halo Infinite Season 2. The map is called “The Pit.”

After months of anticipation, the latest season of Halo Infinite has finally here! Season 2: Lone Wolves is a new update that adds two fresh new maps to the game. While some may be upset that there are just two, I’m glad to have some fresh material.

So, how do these maps function? What do they resemble? What game modes are they compatible with? Were they worth the months of anticipation? In our tour of all the new levels in Halo Infinite Season 2, we’ll go over all of that and more.

New Maps Explanation

Let’s get started with this guide to all of the new maps introduced this season!

4v4 Forerunner Structure Catalyst

20220505145310_1-1024x683 Catalyst - 4v4 Forerunner Structure Koby Gibson Ross / 343 Industries, Xbox Game Studios via HGG

Let’s begin by discussing the newest arenas mode map (4v4). This is a medium-sized map set within the remains of a Forerunner complex that has become overgrown. Several waterfalls cascade down through the main area, adding a great deal to the mood.

A light bridge runs along the middle of the room, with an over shield accessible for anyone courageous enough to rush in and grab it. A normal bridge runs directly across the main space, allowing you to reach weapon pickups located high in the air. Take one of the doors close to either team’s spawn location at the start of the match to go to this bridge.

This is an excellent vantage position since it not only allows you to get a sniper rifle, but it also allows you to pick out foes from afar! If sniping isn’t your thing, there are plenty of opportunities for close combat. This map has an Energy Sword as well as a Needler, offering you a variety of choices for dealing with your opponents.

This map has to be my favorite from this season in terms of aesthetics. The waterfalls are fantastic, and I’m a sucker for all types of precursor buildings. I’m unhappy we didn’t receive a snowy map this season, but this one will suffice for the time being.

12v12 Banished Shipyard Breaker

20220503223705_1-1024x683 Breaker - 12v12 Banished Shipyard Koby Gibson Ross / 343 Industries, Xbox Game Studios via HGG

Breaker is the next map on our list of all the new maps in Halo Infinite Season 2 maps. This is a bigger terrain that supports both Big Team Battle and the new Last Spartan Standing game mode. It takes set within a Banished shipyard, where heaps of scrap metal are kept and dismantled to create new weaponry and ships.

There are several wide-open regions and spots to set up camp and snipe throughout the game. It’s a fantastic terrain for long-range warfare, but there’s enough cover to enable close-quarters action as well. A few warthogs may be found on the map, which is always exciting.

I enjoy how there are secret “vents” sprinkled across the area that you may walk into and tumble down into the level underneath you. It’s great for creeping up on opponents or avoiding gunfights!

It looks a lot different from any of the maps that came with Season 1. It takes place in a desert-like setting, with battle-torn spacecraft littering the landscape. It nearly seems like a space junkyard! The skybox on this one is particularly fantastic, since it contributes to the dusty feel.

Were Halo Infinite Season 2’s New Maps Worth the Wait?

ss_e1be23823899e262382bdaec7cac6ff8eb9bb1e8-1024x683 Are the new maps in Halo infinite season 2 worth the wait? Image courtesy of 343 Industries and Xbox Game Studios on HGG.

So… After months of anticipation, 343 has finally released some new maps for us to play on. Was it worth the wait for these maps? How do they stack up against the other maps in the game?

To be honest, although these new maps are wonderful, they are far from game-changing. They provide a good visual contrast to the woodlands and meadows we’ve been playing in. And in terms of gameplay, they’re fun enough, and based on what I’ve seen so far, I have no major concerns.

The absence of maps is more frustrating than the lack of maps themselves. Two seems like a modest amount, particularly since they don’t include any new vehicles, weapons, or abilities. If each of these new maps had one of the previously listed characteristics, I’d think that releasing Season 2 with just two maps was warranted, but it simply isn’t.

Overall, the maps are a welcome addition, but if you’re a regular player, you’ll fast tire of them. Season 3 should hopefully bring us some more fascinating maps (or at least more than two new ones)…

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With that, we’ve concluded our look at the brand-new levels in Halo Infinite Season 2. How do you feel about the new maps? Leave your thoughts in the comments section!

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Have fun gaming!

The “halo infinite season 2 battle pass” is the new map that will be in Halo Infinite. The map includes a new location, and some changes to the old maps. The map has been released on September 26th, 2018.

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