Albion Online’s mobile launch drove its concurrency numbers to a new high of 270K

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We are excited to announce that our mobile game Albion Online has hit the 270,000 user milestone in early June. In terms of mobile users, Albion Online’s mobile launch has been more successful than our previous two titles, as we’ve been able to drive the number of concurrent players on our mobile platform to new highs. In fact, the 270,000 users surpassed the 180,000 users we had on our mobile platform in our previous title Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, which was one of the most successful mobile games of 2017.

We are very excited to announce the launch of Albion Online on mobile devices. You know, it’s been a while since the console launch, and we’ve been working hard to get the mobile version ready. This latest version has been completely remade from the base code, with the mobile version being a completely new game that runs on the same engine as the desktop version. The result is a new experience that offers all the content of the Desktop version, and in a way that’s more convenient and easier to handle.

word-image-8893 In today’s MOP podcast, I joke about the fact that I walked into Albion Online this weekend and was overwhelmed by the sound of thousands of footsteps from the wild influx of players into the beginner zones following the launch of the mobile version of the game last week. It’s not just my imagination: The game is getting a lot of hype, according to Sandbox Interactive. MMO players will remember that the game boomed in 2020 and peaked in early 2021, but those numbers have now been exceeded as well. In 2021, Albion’s population grew at an unprecedented rate and the number of average daily users even surpassed previous records set in 2020. The game reached a new record of 135,000 daily active players in February, which was immediately surpassed with the release of the Call to Arms update in March. With a complete overhaul of faction warfare, updated hellholes, loadouts and more, Call to Arms has brought Albion’s average daily population to over 140,000 and earned the game’s highest scores on Twitch and YouTube. The number of players on Steam has also increased by over 200% since January, to nearly 13,000 concurrent players on Steam at its peak, in addition to the majority of players on native platforms. […] Following the game’s launch on the App and Play stores, new and returning players flocked to the game, setting a staggering new record of 270,000 daily active players, nearly double the previous record. Sandbox says it is currently working on its next major content release in 2021, which will focus on improving and deepening the open world Albion . Albion’s mobile launch has set a new record for player numbers! Read more here: – Albion Online (@albiononline) 15. June 2021 View

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