Albion Online begins testing Into the Fray’s magic staff and portal town overhauls

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Albion Online’s latest release update brings a new magic staff and Portal Town overhaul. This is the first step in Albion Online’s plans to revitalize their existing content, ahead of its next major expansion patch which will introduce PvP elements into the game.


The Into the Fray update, which features a revamp of several systems – particularly for casters and PvPers – is now live on Albion Online’s test server.

The previous Outlands portal zones have been replaced with Portal Towns that share certain services with their associated Royal City, which Outlands players will notice immediately away. With biome-related designs, Might boosts, and altered treasure spawning, castle layouts and aesthetics have also been enhanced.

Users of magic staffs will be especially delighted with the update, as fire, holy, cursed, and nature staffs will all get “more variety in look and feel” with new animations, VFX, and audio, with the purpose of distinguishing the spells in battle. “Cursed Staff spells, for example, utilize harsh red and black hues with gloomy skull figures, while Nature Staff spells use pleasant shapes and colors with soothing noises.”

There’s a lot more in the full list of notes, including new emotes, the new Crystal Arena ranked mode, UI adjustments, and low-level resource assistance. Oh, and if your mute list was overflowing, which it most likely was since this is Albion Online, fear not: there’s now a UI for managing your many blockees.

Into The Fray, our next release, is now ready for testing on our staging server! Log in and give the new features a try; we’d love to hear what you think.

More info here:

— Albion Online (@albiononline) May 13, 2022


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