Aion Classic is really happening in the west, and it’s launching in ‘the Americas’ on June 23

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The next chapter of Aion begins on June 23, and we can’t wait to get started. When we started out, we had a vision of creating a new and exciting MMORPG experience for our players. We’ve achieved a lot in the past year and a half, and a lot more is still to come. The last release we made, a cinematic trailer, was our biggest yet. We’re giving players a chance to get a preview of things to come with Aion Classic, and we hope it’s just the beginning of what’s to come.

Aion Classic is really happening in the west, and it’s launching in ‘the Americas’ on June 23. Not everyone can get to China to get a chance to demo it, but you might be able to play one of the new servers on the West Coast, starting early June.

Aion Classic is the fully functional MMO version of Aion: The Tower of Eternity , and the latest in the Aion series of MMORPGs. It will launch in approximately two weeks, and it is the most ambitious title we have published to date. It’s true that Aion Classic is launching in the west, but that distinction isn’t meant to be taken lightly. It’s launching in both the Americas (North America, South America, and Europe) and the East Asia (Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Korea).

word-image-4386 We’ve been posting about NCsoft’s overseas release of Aion Classic and the teases and hints it has made for Western players for a while now, but today NCsoft has made it official: Yes, Aion Classic is coming to America in just two weeks, on the 23rd. June, on the market! The new service for the popular MMORPG Aion is a reboot of the game as it launched in America in 2009, with some additional quality of life improvements. Players, new and old, can explore the vast and unique realm of the god Aion, hunt and complete quests, or take part in the battle between light and darkness and compete against other players. […] Aion Classic will bring back some of the game’s earliest iconic dungeons, and players will only have four original character classes (each with two original sub-classes). In keeping with the principles of classic MMORPGs, player progression in Aion Classic will be at a moderate pace, allowing players to explore the world of Asmodians and Aelians. Founder’s Packs have already appeared on the official website, and players will immediately notice that the game will offer both free-to-play and subscription-based payment options, as well as a battle pass; you’ll be able to buy Aura Ciel for cash and get a subscription for 3, 30, 90, and 365 days, while the free option is essentially a subscription for a much slower experience. Finally, note that NCsoft specifically mentions launching in North and South America. We therefore assume that NCsoft will serve North and South America. However, Europe is not mentioned, probably because Aion is licensed there by Gameforge. We don’t know yet if and when it will be released in Europe, but it seems inevitable given the success of Aion Classic in South Korea. ViewOn June 23rd, some of the most exciting news in the west for the Aion MMO will be revealed. On the official launch date, hosting giants GameServers will be lowering website bandwidth prices to allow Aion Classic to be offered in both North and South America.. Read more about aion classic na and let us know what you think.

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