6 Games we keep coming back to

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Video gaming has well and truly exploded over the last few decades, with rapidly improving technology paving the way for all kinds of innovation. From viral smartphone games to online slots and conventional console-oriented titles, there is something for every kind of gamer in today’s world. This is also reflected in the market statistics, as analysts expect the global video game market value to hit $268.81bn by 2025. 


Despite all this, there is no denying that many games released over the past several decades haven’t been good enough to remain truly timeless. It’s challenging to create a video game title that players will keep coming back to many years down the line, especially with the extraordinary rate that technology seems to evolve nowadays. Nevertheless, there are plenty of games we cannot stop coming back to. Keep reading for a rundown of some of our favorites. 


Red Dead Redemption 2 


It’s almost impossible not to keep returning to Red Dead Redemption 2, an awe-inspiringly good Wild West game designed by Rockstar Games. The same company behind the legendary GTA series, Red Dead Redemption 2 features a colossal map covering 29 to 75 square miles, depending on who you talk to. Unlike many other games, players cannot miraculously teleport to other places, so you’ll have to watch as the leading character Arthur Morgan rides his horse across the shifting landscapes of the American Wild West. 


This is the defining factor regarding Red Dead Redemption 2’s incredible playability, but it’s not the only thing that keeps us consistently coming back for more. The countless side missions mean you can keep playing well after completing the main storyline. Even if you do finish all the available quests, Rockstar Game’s outrageously high-definition graphics and beautiful landscapes will keep you hooked for hours on end. 


Fruit Ninja 


It isn’t nearly as complex as Red Dead Redemption 2, but Fruit Ninja was one of the first viral iPhone games to make it big in 2010. The premise is simple: swipe across the screen and eliminate as many pieces of fruit as humanly possible in the time available. There are a few different game modes to try out, with slight variations in each. 


Fruit Ninja is so simply addictive that it’s difficult not to keep coming back to it. Furthermore, the excitement generated by competing with friends is hard to beat. 


Da Vinci Diamonds 


Online slots are often forgotten about when it comes to the best games of all time. It’s a shame because titles such as Da Vinci Diamonds are just as fun as more conventional video games. Developed by the iconic IGT brand, this slot was released in 2012 but still receives very high user traffic. 


As you can see from this review of the Da Vinci Diamonds slot, there are numerous reasons for this. Players consistently enjoy the decadent aesthetics alongside tumbling reels, a lucrative respins bonus feature and a 5,000x maximum jackpot. 




Fortnite broke the mold after its release in 2017. One of the first Battle Royale online multiplayer games to blow up, this free Epic Games title almost immediately became a viral hit. This is no surprise either, as the relatively simple gameplay combined with comical dances and player outfits makes for a potently fun mix. 


Another thing about Fortnite is the depth of the game when you get into the nit and gritty. For example, learning how to get the Hollow Denial trace rifle and perks will keep you coming back for more even after you’ve learned the basics. 


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 


Probably the most iconic first-person shooter game of all time, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was instrumental in the trend away from WWII-dominated action games. Taking place in the present day, gamers were treated to an incredibly immersive and thrilling single-player campaign revolving around an attempted coup in the Middle East and Russia. 


However, the online multiplayer mode was the most groundbreaking thing about Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. This has kept players coming back for more even after successive new installments of the series. It’s just that good! Give this Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare review a read for a full picture of the game’s quality. 


Candy Crush Saga 


Is there a more addictive mobile game than Candy Crush saga? Using a simple puzzle-driven premise, this title has long been a staple for commuters on the way to work and school children alike. 


Matching symbols will create room for new ones to drop down and improve your score. It is reminiscent of slots such as Da Vinci’s Diamonds, but players cannot win any real money via Candy Crush Saga. 

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