4 Best Weapons for Barbara in Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact is a fast-paced action game where players must use weapons to fight enemies and earn points. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to decide on the best weapon for Barbara based off of which enemy opponents she will be facing most often.

The “best 4 star weapon for barbara” is a type of weapon that has the highest amount of attack power. The weapons in this category are usually more expensive, but they can be worth it.

Monstadt’s favorite Deaconess is a four-star hydro catalyst who aspires to be an idol. She is a dedicated worker who is well on her way to attaining her objective, but that isn’t what we’re here to discuss. We’re here to discuss Barbara’s greatest weapons in Genshin Impact.

Barabara may be a useful addition to your squad composition, whether you need a healer because you’re out of food or you’re facing the spiral abyss. She’s also one of the few characters that may be obtained without having to wish for them. 

Barbara may be built in a variety of ways, and now we’ll look at the finest catalyst weapons for her.

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Barbara’s Best Weapons: Foreword

There are no poor alternatives when it comes to giving Barbara a weapon, although some catalysts are clearly better than others. Unless otherwise indicated, we shall assume that all weapons are at refinement level one for the sake of this list. 

We’ll also include certain five-star weapons that are part of limited-edition banners. That is to say, they may or may not be accessible to you right now. Don’t get too worked up if they aren’t. We’ll also look at several 4 and 3 star solutions that are accessible at any time.

Barbara’s Weapons: In general

best weapons for barbara- talent Let the show begin!| Image courtesy of HGG / Devin Dornbrock / miHoYo

Most weapons will work for Barbara, but the ones with supporting stats that complement her healing abilities will be the best. Other attributes for Barbara’s may be considered by players who are motivated to design a damage-dealing build. Catalysts with CRIT or ATK numbers, on the other hand, are not recommended for novices.

Just to refresh your memory, every three, four, and five star weapon in Genshin Impact has two stats. The main stat is always a fixed ATK, however the secondary stat varies each weapon. ATK percent, CRIT DMG, CRIT Rate, Elemental Mastery, Energy Recharge, or HP percent are some of the secondary catalyst weapon stats.

The HP percent is the secondary metric you should be looking for in possible weapons for Barbara. Because her healing ability grows with her HP, you’ll want to concentrate your build on increasing her maximum HP. 

Energy Recharge is also a good secondary stat to check for, since the correct artifacts may significantly increase HP on their own. Because you’ll be able to utilize Barbara’s burst more often as your energy recharges, you’ll be able to heal more. 

Elemental Mastery is a relatively feasible choice for novice players who don’t have access to many weapons yet, but you’ll undoubtedly want to change weapons at some point.

4 Best Weapons for Barbara in Genshin Impact: Information & Instructions

Let’s go into the details now that we’ve covered the fundamentals.

1. 4 Star Catalyst from the Favonius Codex

Favonius Codex- 4 Star Catalyst It houses the academics’ cumulative knowledge| Image: miHoYo through HGG / Devin Dornbrock

The Favonius Codex is the first weapon we propose for Barbara. The Favonius Codex is the finest suit for Monstadt’s want tobe idol out of all the Energy Recharge catalysts (at least the ones accessible as of version 2.6).

As a 4 star weapon, it is always accessible in both limited and normal wish banners, therefore players who haven’t already will most likely stumble across it. It isn’t the most free-to-play friendly game, but it is certainly possible to complete without spending all of your primos.

The Energy Recharge of a fully ascended Favonius Codex will rise by 45.9%. It also gives you the opportunity to create Elemental Particles, which recover energy. If you regularly require large heals, the particles and recharge will let you increase the frequency of Barbara’s Elemental Burst “Shining Miracle.”


The Favonius Codex, however, has numerous flaws that make it less than ideal as a weapon for Barbara. To begin with, CRITs are required for the principal impact of the catalyst that creates Elemental Particles. As a support, most Barbara builds will not have a high CRIT Rate, causing her time on the field to be extended in order for her to be able to create those particles.

The quantity of healing provided by Barbara’s skill and burst is similarly reduced without that HP stat. The higher burst frequency compensates for this, however there are alternative catalyst choices on our list that give the same advantages without the drawbacks. 

If you don’t have one of our other suggested weapons, we recommend handing Barbara the Favonius Codex.

Complete the Favonius Code

To Complete the Favonius Codex you will need:

  • Mora (150k)
  • 3 Decarabian’s Tower Tiles (2 star material)
  • 9 Decarabian’s City Debris (3 star material)
  • Decarabian’s Epic, Fragment 9 (4 star material)
  • 4 Pieces of Decarabian’s Dream Scattered (4 star material)
  • 15 Massive Horns (2 star enemy drop)
  • 18 Bronze Horns, Black (3 star enemy drop)
  • 27 horns of black crystal (4 star enemy drop)
  • 10 Scrolls of Divination (1 star enemy drop)
  • 15 Scrolls that have been sealed (2 star enemy drop)
  • Curse Scrolls with 18 Forbidden Curses (3 star enemy drop)

2. Amber Prototype- 4 Star Catalyst 

Prototype Amber- 4 Star Catalyst  It seems to be bathed in the sky’s light| Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

In Genshin Impact, players may make a variety of weapons, including the Prototype Amber catalyst. It may be forged at any blacksmithing site or within your Serenitea Pot (as long as you have a forge within your teapot).

Materials for the Prototype Amber’s Forging:

  • 500 Mora
  • 1 Catalyst Billet from Northlanter
  • Crystal Chunks (50)
  • 50 Chunks of White Iron

The Prototype Amber is one of the simplest weapons to completely develop as a forgeable weapon. If you haven’t saved up 5 catalyst billets, it may take some time to collect them. 

Purchasing billets from Xingxi’s store in Liyue or conquering weekly bosses are currently the only reliable ways to earn them. However, only one is obtainable from Xingxi, and billet drops are not assured from weekly bosses, making them difficult to get.

Effects and Statistics

The numbers and impact of the Prototype Amber are the key reasons to pick it after its ease of availability.

The secondary stat of the Prototype Amber, unlike the Favonius Codex, is HP percent. Additionally, after utilizing an Elemental Burst for a brief period of time, the Prototype Amber regenerates energy. For the duration of this effect, all members of your team will recover 4% HP every 2 seconds. The energy and HP percent replenished will grow as refining levels rise. 

Barbara’s skills are complemented by the energy creation and healing, which also improves her healing power, which is great for her. 

You may also avoid utilizing Barbara’s skill as much since the Prototype Amber’s major impact is dependant on her burst. Her elemental talent “Let the Show Begin” is a wonderful method to heal your squad without using your burst, but since it may also apply a wet effect to your active character, elemental responses like Frozen and Electro-Charged must be avoided. 

While the Prototype Amber is a wonderful choice, the weapons we’ll look at next do more than merely help Barbara recover. The Prototype Amber is the sole catalyst accessible without wishing for players that are taking the completely free-to-play approach. 

Full Ascend the Amber Prototype

To completely climb the Prototype Amber, you’ll need the following items:

  • Mora (150k)
  • 3 Lead Elixir with Mist Veil (2 star material)
  • Mercury Elixir with Mist Veil (3 star material)
  • 9 Elixir of Mist Veiled Gold (4 star material)
  • 4 Primo Elixir with Mist Veil (5 star material)
  • 15 Pollen from Mist Grass (2 star enemy drop)
  • 18 Grass of Mist (3 star enemy drop)
  • Mist Grass Wicks (Set of 27) (4 star enemy drop)
  • ten solid arrowheads (1 star enemy drop)
  • 15 Arrowheads with Sharp Points (2 star enemy drop)
  • a total of 18 weathered arrowheads (3 star enemy drop)

3. 3 Star Catalyst: Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers

Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers- 3 Star Catalyst Image: miHoYo through HGG / Devin Dornbrock | For honor, research, reward, retribution, and tales

3-star weapons have a terrible reputation, however some of them are really superior than certain 4-star guns. One of those weapons is surely Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers. Its secondary stat is HP percent, although it only provides 35.2 percent, which is a very low percentage for a weapon.

The finest element about Thrilling Tales, though, is its impact. When a new character enters the field, the effect “Heritage” enhances ATK by a base of 24 percent for 10 seconds. This benefit is comparable to various meal ATK buffs, even for a character with low attack.

The ATK boost reaches a maximum of 48 percent at refining level 5. Needless to say, even if the impact only occurs once every 20 seconds, this is a tremendous support effect for any squad. While Thrilling Tales does not recover energy, the increased ATK is quite useful in combat. 

Another advantage of employing Thrilling Tales is its widespread use. After a few wishes, most gamers will pile them up without even realizing it. You’ll ultimately stumble across them if you keep an eye out for them. You may even be able to completely improve Thrilling Tales the next time you come across a 5 star character you like.

Low-cost, but low-statistics

While 3 star weapons have lesser overall stats than greater rarity weapons, their ascension costs are much cheaper. Overall, the materials are less than half the price of a fully ascended 5 star weapon. That implies there will be a lot less collecting and grinding of items.

Even with the ATK increase, the weaker numbers might result for underwhelming attacks. It’s also possible to unintentionally ingest it in order to level up other weapons. During the weapon leveling process in Genshin Impact, the default settings automatically add three star weapons.

Ascend to the top of the thrilling Dragon Slayers Tales

To Ascend to the top of the thrilling Dragon Slayers Tales you will need:

  • Mora, 105k
  • Milk Teeth of a Boreal Wolf (2 star material)
  • 6 Cracked Teeth of a Boreal Wolf (3 star material)
  • Broken Fangs of a Boreal Wolf (4 star material)
  • 3 Nostalgia of the Boreal Wolf (5 star material)
  • 10 Ley Line Branches That Are Dead (2 star enemy drop)
  • 12 Ley Line Leaves That Are Dead (3 star enemy drop)
  • Ley Line Sprouts, 18 (4 star enemy drop)
  • 6 Scrolls of Diving (1 star enemy drop)
  • ten scrolls that have been sealed (2 star enemy drop)
  • 12 Curse Scrolls that aren’t allowed to be used (3 star enemy drop)

4. 5 Star Catalyst: Everlasting Moonglow

Everlasting Moonglow- 5 Star Catalyst Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock | The catalyst of pearls and waves

For catalyst healers in general, the 5 star Catalyst Everlasting Moonglow is the finest choice. It’s also only accessible during Kokomi banners, so you’re either in possession of it or not.

Everlasting Moonglow’s secondary stat improves HP percent, similar to Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers. Everlasting Moonglow, on the other hand, instead of simply providing characters 35.2 percent, gives them 49.6 percent. Everlasting Moonglow additionally boosts your character’s healing bonus by 10% and regular attack by 1% of their maximum health. 

Everlasting Moonglow not only increases attack and gives a healing boost, but it also recovers tiny quantities of energy when used after an Elemental Burst. As a result, this catalyst represents a triple hazard for healing characters like Barbara. 

Everlasting Moonglow is the finest healing weapon for Barbara, and it doesn’t have the drawbacks that the 4 and 3 star alternatives have. Plus, it retains all of the benefits that the lesser rarity alternatives lack.

Unfortunately, it’s still a 5 star weapon, which means it’s hard to come by and hence not the best choice. Make sure you’re ready to harvest ascension materials if you get the Everlasting Moonglow catalyst. 

Ascend to the top of the Everlasting Moonglow

To Ascend to the top of the Everlasting Moonglow you will need:

  • mora 225k
  • A Distant Sea’s 5 Coral Branches (2 star material)
  • A Distant Sea’s 14 Jeweled Branches (3 star material)
  • A Distant Sea’s 14 Jade Branches (4 star material)
  • A Distant Sea’s 6 Golden Branches (5 star material)
  • 23 Dreadful Prisms (2 star enemy drop)
  • 27 Prisms of Crystal (3 star enemy drop)
  • a total of 41 polarizing prisms (4 star enemy drop)
  • Spectral Husks are a group of 15 spectral husks (1 star enemy drop)
  • Spectral Hearts (23 Spectral Hearts) (2 star enemy drop)
  • 27 Nuclei with Spectral Nuclei (3 star enemy drop)

If you’re still searching for a healer to add to your squad but aren’t convinced by Barbara, we’ve put up a list of the top healers in Genshin Impact, so have a look! You may be surprised by number one.

Be a part of the High Ground

That concludes our weapon recommendations for Barbara in Genshin Impact! Have you discovered one that you believe is more effective? Put it in the comments section below! We’re continually adding new stuff, so subscribe to keep up to speed on everything Genshin and more.

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The “best catalyst for barbara” is a weapon that Barbara uses in the game Genshin Impact. It has high power and good attacks.

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