20 Minutes Till Dawn | Abby + Bat-Gun and Abby + SMG Guide

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In this guide, we’ll show you how to build a combat-ready (and probably wacky) character. Along the way, we’ll also provide tips for getting started in the game and other useful information that will help your time playing 20 Minutes Till Dawn be as awesome as possible!

“20 minutes till dawn gotta catch em all” is a guide for the game “Abby + Bat-Gun and Abby + SMG”. The guide includes tips and tricks on how to complete levels.

Originally Published: June 10, 2022; Updated: June 10, 2022

I’ve included two distinct combinations to help you conquer 20 Minutes Till Dawn in this guide. You may learn how to utilize Abby + SMG and Abby + Bat-Gun here. A difficult game?


Want to have fun or harvest those points in a simple, somewhat mindless game? Whether you need to beat the game for agricultural purposes or just for enjoyment, this two-minute tutorial will show you how to do it very quickly and easily. 


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20 Minutes Until Dawn: Abby + Bat-Gun and Abby + SMG Guide

Shoot down a growing swarm of Lovecraftian creatures in 20 Minutes Till Dawn to survive the night. To create unique and game-changing builds, choose from a variety of upgrades. A huge selection of characters and weapons may be unlocked, each with unique special skills.

Abby plus Bat-gun

Abby and SMG

This Mini-Gun fires fireballs. This is a powerful build that is easy to use and pleasant. FOLLOW THESE STEPS TO COMPLETE THE BUILD:

Choose Abby as your protagonist and the dual SMG as your weapon in step 1.

2. If you want to level up, concentrate on getting LIGHTNING and FIRE first; if they don’t come, use a double bullet to assist you defeat the initial monster. Attack speed, reload speed, and movement speed should come in second.

3. As soon as you get your hands on lightning, you’ll see your power increase for the first time. 16 lightning bolts are produced with each right click, and when combined with your bullets, they may efficiently destroy up to 20 adversaries.

4. You’ll get your second power increase when you get the tier-2 fire upgrade, which launches a fireball after four shots. Because of this, whenever you right-click, eight fireballs will be launched in the direction of your cursor. They can be quickly eliminated and are highly strong.

5. After you kill the first boss, your right-click speed increases noticeably. Your lightning strikes and fireballs will strike more often as a result. After you defeat the second monster, it is ESSENTIAL that you choose the upgrade that increases your ammunition capacity by three times, giving you 96 bullets with each reload. The next thing is that YOU ARE the God.

You can pick up essential extra upgrades like Health, Shield, and ICE to make the game more easier.

Thank you for reading my instruction. Enjoy the killing.

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