10 Hardest Xbox Achievements to Unlock – Guide Fall

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Xbox gamers are passionate about their games, and many have spent hours grinding for that elusive Xbox achievement. While some thought the system was becoming too easy, others saw achievement systems as a way for Xbox as a whole to keep gamers engaged. But with the recent addition of a new set of achievements, the concept has been questioned.

One of the most difficult challenges gamers force themselves through is unlocking those coveted achievements. These seemingly trivial tasks are often overlooked in favor of bigger, more important achievements. They are the little blue ribbons that fall in your lap and are the last step of a gamer’s journey.

As much as we’d love to show you the 10 easiest Xbox achievements in this guide, we can’t. The reason for this is simple, instead of focusing strictly on an achievement completion, we’ve decided to give you as much information we can about them. The title of this guide refers to achievements that are either very difficult or have a high-value target; some of them have been done in public with game developers and Xbox staff, so they are hard to obtain.

In 2005, with the release of the Xbox 360, Microsoft introduced Gamerscore, which was based on a complex achievement system that rewarded profiles with points earned in thousands of games. After 16 years, it’s almost 225. .000Performance in the Xbox ecosystem. Many of them are very simple and only require you to complete a level or at best press the start button in the main menu, but this list will shed light on the exact opposite Xbox achievements that are the hardest to unlock.

Hardcore Xbox gamers may have heard of the Serious achievement in Gears of War or the infamous Monument to All Your Sins achievement in Halo : . Range, and of course they are tricky, but they have absolutely nothingof the ten achievements listed here. Many of these successes come from games that you’ve probably never heard of and that were discovered by a very, very small number of people.

The ten most difficult achievements ofXbox

10. Chimpanzee fame – Choice of animals (50G)

The power of animal selection in Hail to the Chimp is unique in this list, because if you get it wrong once, you never get a second chance. To achieve this, players must get through the entire match without losing a single game in regulation time. If you lose the record, it will not be saved on the hard disk, but in your profile. The best thing you can do in case of an error is to quickly turn off your Xbox and hope that the recording has not been saved yet. Four players have accomplished this feat since the game’s release in 2008. This may be partly due to the fact that many players do not check the achievement before playing and lose the first level without knowing that they are permanently depriving themselves of the chance to unlock the achievement.

9. Trackmania Turbo – The end of the road? (90G)

One of the most famous names on this list, Trackmania Turbo includes the End of the Road? achievement, which allows you to win a gold medal at any track in the campaign. As typical as this achievement is for a racing game, it should be noted that there are 200 races in this game. The last 40 titles, the black series, make this one of the most challenging Xbox achievements of all time. All of these races are incredibly ruthless and require absolute mastery of the game before they are worth playing. This achievement has a fairly high number than the previous one (several hundred), but this game at is clearlymore popular.

8. Lost Planet 2 – Committed ’til the End (100G)

The Committed ‘t End achievement in Lost Planet 2requires you to complete almost every action and is one of the hardest achievements on Xbox. You must unlock all items, level up each faction to 99 and win all 476Name of Wars. Name of Wars is the hardest part, in which you must win faction battles three times for each of the five factions over a period of at least 15 weeks, earn gold medals in each training level, break the world record for the fastest time through any of the 48 levels in the highly optimized training mode, and do over 460 other things. Especially speedrunning is very hard, because you have to be better than anyone who has ever played the game, and it gets harder the longer you wait, so you should start now.

7. Flipper FX2 – Perfectionist (200G)

Fewer than 50 people can proudly say that they have unlocked this gigantic achievement. The Perfectionist achievement in Pinball FX2 can be obtained by completing each of the mini-games in a game on the Sorceror’s Lair table. There are a total of six mini-games in which you must first hit three targets in the middle of the playing field and then accurately send the ball into the basement. You then begin playing one of six randomly selected mini-games. The six minigames range from easy to extremely difficult, and if you fail one of the minigames, you must complete the remaining minigames, and then complete the final minigame, Midnight Madness, to reset the cycle and get another chance.

6. Cloudberry Kingdom – Shenanigans!

Words cannot describe it. Fraud! Kingdom of Cloudberry. You have to pass the last level, level 320. What’s complicated at 320 level? Well, um…


Yes. If you get hit byor, you die and have to go through 319 levels to get out. Not surprisingly, only 11 people were successful.

5. Asteroids and deluxe – platinum

Asteroids & Deluxeis a modern version of the classic Asteroids arcade game we all know and love. You’d think a game as simple as this would have a simple list of achievements, but you’d be wrong. Platinum requires 250,000 points, which only two people have managed, making it one of the hardest achievements for the Xbox. It’s two people in a game from 14 years ago. You start with three lives and can get an extra life for every 10,000 points, but you will need more than extra lives. It takes incredible talent and maybe even plus luck to get anywhere near that number.

4. Robotron: 2084 – axis 100

Just after the classic two-stick shooter comes another two-stick shooter: Robotron: 2084. Wave 100 is a pretty obvious title, where you can reach the 100th wave. The wave must reach. This game is the oldest on the list, having been released on the Xbox 360 in 2005. In this period less than 100 players reached golf 30, let alone golf 100. Like Asteroids, requires extreme precision, patience and luck. Although more people (over thirty) have unlocked this game than Platinum, it has many more players and holds the title of the hardest achievement in the twin-stick shooter ecosystem.

3. Smile of Death – True Tyrant

Our top 3 starts with True Tyrant in Deathsmiles,– the hardest achievement on the Xbox 360. To do this, you must defeat Bloody Jitterbug, which is possible by completing the game’s six main sections on the hardest difficulty, without any upgrades. You then have to go through three more levels without dying, kill Tyrannosatan without going any further,, thenwhen the Bloody Jitterbug appears. Fortunately, you can use sequels after they appear, but that doesn’t make the game easy at all, as evidenced by thefourpeople who have accomplished this feat in the game’s 11-year history.

2. Break a brick – Level 5 Survival skills

Everyone has played Atari Breakoutin one form or another. Brick Breaker is another game where you have to bounce a ball on a pile of bricks. Level 5 Survival Mastery is unlocked by completing all 100 levels in Survival Mode, which means that from level 1 you need to play with five lives,andfor all 100 levels. Thishas never been made-legal. The two players who unlocked this feature (one of them being you) were both forced to pause and restart the game 30 times per second using the turbo controllers to slow down the gameplay. However, it took me many failed attempts and dozens of hours to get to level 100, because the game is terribly poorly constructed and crashes often. Without this cheating method, no one ever got beyond level 34 in survival mode, which is ver the maximum difficulty of the game.

1. Deadliner – Survival Master

Out of over 200,000 achievements, the Deadliners Survival Master achievement takes the title of the hardest, and honestly, half the achievements in this game could have filled the top 10 hardest Xbox achievements, but that would be pretty boring, so we’re going to let this one achievement represent the entire game. Six of the 11 achievements in the game have never been unlocked. That’s more than half. This performance is the hardest of the whole list. Strangely, it is not at all heavy like that sounds. Deadlinersis basically an expanded version of Snake, which can be played by four players, obviously only in cooperative mode. For this achievement you need to score 200 points in survival mode with any number of players. So what is the optimal number of players? The achievement that allows you to score 75 points with one player…. not unlocked. 75 with two players : No unlocking. 75 with three players? Yeah, um… no release. 75 with four? No. 200 points are required to become a survival champion. So if no one reaches 75 , this achievement can be postponed for now. Baby steps, guys.

Just in case you want to see some other achievements that are less impossible:

Enjoy this list of the Top 10 Hardest achievements on Xbox Live for Fall 2018. If you are looking to grind out those achievements, this is the list for you! Many of these achievements are difficult because of the sheer amount of time that must be put into them. With this difficulty comes a higher price tag, though, so it’s your choice as to how much you care about getting each and every one of them. It’s still worth it to get them, though, as you can always share them with your friends on Xbox Live.. Read more about hardest achievement in minecraft and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hardest achievement to get on Xbox?

The hardest achievement to get on Xbox is the All-Star achievement, which requires a player to win all of the games in the games career mode.

What is the hardest achievement in fall guys?

The hardest achievement in Fall Guys is the Im a good guy achievement. This requires you to complete all of the achievements in the game, which includes beating every level on hard difficulty.

What is the rarest achievement you can get on Xbox?

The rarest achievement is the Im a legend achievement. It requires you to have unlocked every other achievement in the game, and it will unlock once youve completed all of them.

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